Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Rosie Alia Designs: Spring floral fancies for sunny days!

So there has been this odd yellow ball in the sky for the last few days and it's freaking me out. Apparently it's called the sun, so I've been told!

When it is bright and light and spring is in the air, I feel the urge to wear lots of colours and wear flowers a'plenty in my hair. I also want to throw open the windows and get my glue gun out and make things. So last week I went on a jaunt for supplies, and then out came my glue gun to put together some new hair flower designs!

I first set to work on some sweet little flowers to go in goodie-bags for Miss Turnstiles' Vintage Starlet Parlour event, which I hope went down well with the ladies in attendance. 

*Pssssst....As a sidenote, she sure knows how to put on an event, and her next one is Great Gatsby themed....what's not to like?*

I was also asked by the lovely lady to make a couple of custom spring flower cluster clips to accompany her spring/summer wardrobe!

 I can't wait to see her wearing these!

I made up some lovely new stock for the Etsy shop too, in bright summery colours to satisfy any other ladies' (or is that just me?) urge to wear bright colours at the merest hint or sun!

If you are interested in any of theses pieces, pop over to my facebook page or the Rosie Alia Designs Etsy shop to see the full range! 

Pip pip xx

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