Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Egg Day!

I'm not even going to mention the time I've been absent from blogland....ahem.....nope, didn't mention it....



I hope you all got to chomp on lots of chocolate and egg-based items!

I spent the day in my most glamorous dress surrounded by beautiful people (and adorable children), drinking G&T's and shooting photos for the wonderful Angel Adoree's next book.

Outfit details: 
Rosie Alia Designs hair flowers; made by me.
Victorian pearl necklace; gift from my brother.
1930's dress; fleamarket.
Silk sash; carboot.

It was all very exciting, and a wonderful time was had by all, as is always the case when us Vintage Patisserie ladies get together....
 This is a snap from Angel's 2nd book "The Vintage Tea Party Year", with the VP ladies celebrating a Victorian New Year. Can you spot me? Top left!

Today I had my talented friend Sophia (Belladonna Beauty Parlour) coax my hair into shape so thought I'd get a couple of extra snaps of it up close post-shoot.

You may notice from those photos (if you have eagle eyes), that there appears to be a piece of metal dangling from my schnoz. That's because earlier in the week I got my septum pierced! I am loving it now I am beginning to get used to seeing it in my face, and I can't wait to get a gold ring (they only has silver available at the piercers) in it as soon as it has healed.

Now, I'll leave you in peace while I pop off to scoff more chocolate, all in the name of Easter.

Pip pip xx