Sunday, 14 April 2013

A sunny Sunday outfit post!

Tis' a lovely Sunday evening here and I am spending it in my pj's on the sofa with the window open (for the first time in about 6 months!) having been stuffed to the gills with food. Ahhhh, Sunday.

I thought I'd share with you my Sunday outfit (albeit, from last Sunday) which I wore for a jaunt to a local pub for a massive Sunday lunch with pals. It was one of those outfits which just sort of fell together, but that I really love.

I created the outfit based around the lovely rayon oriental lounging pyjama top, which I picked up from Judy's vintage fair in Spitalfields which I visited on Easter Bank Holiday Monday with some of my gorgeous vintage-loving chums. It came from the bargain box on a stall for an impressive £5, along with the belt I am wearing!

 Outfit details:
Cashmere 50's style coat: charity shop.
1940's beaded necklace: fleamarket.
Lounging pyjama blouse (30's/40's?): Judy's vintage fair.
Embroidered fabric cinch belt: Judy's vintage fair.
Wool pencil skirt: handmade by me.
Wooden bracelets: charity shops and carboots.
1930's embroidered handbag: Scarlet Rage Vintage.
1940's style platforms: Miss L Fire.

I also wore some handmade (RosieAliaDesigns) colourful purple orchids in my hair to top it off.

I adore this outfit, but was soon regretting the cinch belt when I had consumed a large roast dinner, a very dense chocolate pudding and some bubbly cider. I hobbled home after dinner and immediately changed into something more roomy to allow my food to digest whilst reclining on the sofa.

Pip pip! xx

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  1. As you know I love this outfit! You look so fab :)



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