Friday, 29 April 2011

Red, white and blue.

Now, I've no particular opinion on the royal family- not a hater, nor a lover! It's part of our history, so who am I to argue with such long-standing traditions! And anyway, they have given the country the chance for a right royal knees up.
Unfortunately I had to go to work today (thats right, no bank holiday closure for us), which is a shame because I quite fancied a bit of a knees up myself! So instead, I gave a nod to the wedding with my outfit's colour scheme and detailing, and off I trotted to work at 6.30am this morning...accompanied on the tube by early-rising revellers with flags and picnics (I was quite jealous)!

.....don't worry, we snuck off on our break to see Kate arriving at the church, and coincided our lunch break with 'the kiss'!

Some details from my day...
My 1953 coronation commemorative flag: £5 from a carboot. Pimms in my 1973 silver jubilee commemorative glass: a gift from my step-mum. The pattern of my blue floral dress. My red cardigan. My 1953 coronation commemorative brooch: gift from my aunt. Red and white flowers in my hair.

And I say I'm not into the royals, with my memorabilia, eh? It seems I just can't help myself....the imagery on vintage royal memorabilia is just wonderful, don't you think? 

I do hope you all had a wonderful day of festivities/fun/time off work!

Pip pip xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Perfect new shoes and summer sun!

Well hasn't this weather been wonderful?
Lately I'm struggling to find the right clothes for this summery weather- lately, a lot of my clothes seem to be darker colours, and all my nice skirts and tops all seem to be patterned and therefore not a good match for each other! Oh bother!
I opted for my recently acquired Liberty floral skirt and my plainest (non-knitted) top!

Alexandra Palace picnicking!

Today me and Mr Mike ventured to Ally Pally for a picnic in the sunshine. Twas rather lovely and gave me an opportunity to air my new favourite sandals!

White cotton peasant top: carboot.
Liberty circle skirt: £5, fleamarket.
Bamboo bag: £8, collectors fair.
50's catseye sunglasses: vintage fair.
Sandals: £1, carboot.

Theres something about summer that just makes me want to carry wicker bags and the like, and when I laid eyes on this bamboo bag I just had to have it! It was £10 but I bartered it down to £8. It was worth the moneys because I can just tell I'll get a lot of use out of it'll fit into my locker at work! Perfect!
And now to the sandals, which I am absolutely IN LOVE with. I have been lusting after similar pairs of Rocket Originals cut-out sandals for some time now but have just never been able to bring myself to spend the money on them, for fear my feet would dislike them (my feet are awfully fussy about what I put on them, unfortunately), so when I saw these fabulous vintage 40's style sandals in a cardboard box at a carboot sale on sunday, I almost jumped for joy! A pound you say sir? I'll take them!

They are branded 'Joyfit' by Stead & Simpson. 
I'm not sure of the date of these though, as I just can't find anything useful on the internet! 

I don't normally get my monkey-toes out for love nor money, but for these beauties I'll make an exception!
Pip pip! xx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy easter!

"For Easter Morning"
an amusing pair of Ducks....

This fabulous image comes from the April 1957 issue of "Stitchcraft" magazine alongside instructions on how to make this father and son duck duo, and I thought I'd share it with you all!

Happy easter darlings! 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

I love Norfolk.

Thats right, I do.
My family have lived in and around Norwich since I was 5, and since I left in 2007 to live in London, I have totally rediscovered it's beauty. I suppose thats always the way though, isn't it? I went to live in London thinking I'd never want to leave, and it's actually made me realise how much I want to one day move to the Norfolk countryside and live in a perfect little cottage. 
It's so nice to be able to come home when I can get time off work and relax and adventure with my family!

Today we went to the beach to see Happisburgh, a village thats falling into the sea slowly, and the cliffs are edging ever closer to the remaining houses.

Old bits of house/carpet/water pipes from houses that have been destroyed as the cliffs have crumbled into the sea! It's quite sad, really!

Glorious beach!

Me and my dad paddled, skimmed rocks and made a rescue attempt on some trapped driftwood, whilst my step mum read her book in the sun.

And this is me paddling in the great blue sea!

I love being home!
Pip pip xx

Home sweet home...

Well hello there lovely people!

I do hope you are all having a lovely easter weekend! I took the rare opportunity for a few days off to come home and have some lovely easter family and friend times.

Last night my dear friend Jo stayed over and this morning we woke up to this event going on in the garden...

This is apparently world war II, according to my dad who was very excited about his new garden soldiers!

We then set off for the Antiques and Collectors Fair at the Royal Norfolk Showground, where we had bacon sarnies, met some nice people, and bought plenty! I'm yet to get some photos as most of the purchases are out in the car at present.
But, I adopted a new piece of taxidermy from the fair, and am looking to name him. He is already like a child to me, so of course I need to name him as soon as possible!

Any ideas?

This is what I wore today, for visiting the fair and having an adventure.

TU dress: £1, carboot.
1940's bolero: £1.30 (+£2.50 p+p), ebay.
Hush Puppies sandals: 50p, carboot.
Macrame bag: £7.50, vintage/antiques shop.

And I'll leave you with a picture of me and my chum in front of her amazingly pink  house!

Pip pip! xx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Glorious carbooting in the sun!

Hello dear ladies!

Isn't the weather just wonderful? I do hope you have all had the opportunity to enjoy it. I have been at home staying with my family for the last week, and we have been making the most of the weather by blitzing the carboots and fleamarkets!

Here is my carbooty of the day:

'Leisure of London' green check skirt suit: fleamarket, £5.
Beautiful old orange umbrella with resin handle: carboot, £2.

 Peasant top: carboot, £3.
Suede 'Hush Puppies' sandals: carboot, 50p.
Deadstock sunglasses: carboot, 50p.
Bracelets: fleamarket, £1.

'Liberty' floral circle skirt: fleamarket, £5.

Anyway, I must dash! Off to take my sister to the cinema.
What have you ladies been doing in this sun?

Pip pip xx