Saturday, 15 May 2010

Percieved Britishness, and British Style

 Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2008

Reading one of my favourite blogs, Dapper Kid, I found a post about the notion of great british style. If only this had been about when i was writing my dissertation a few months ago, as it would have been great to reference! I wrote me dissertation with the title "Blood Sports and the Englishman's Image: Shooting Attire and its Application to Modern Menswear", and I looked at the notion of percieved English/British traditionalist style. Here is a snippet from my essay...

"Blood Sports and the Englishman's Image: Shooting Attire and its Application to Modern Menswear":

My studies as a fashion student specializing in menswear have led me to a very avid interest in the history, traditions and sartorial regulations of image within menswear. I’ve long held an interest in the stylistic sensibilities of the traditional huntsman, which I wanted to explore within this essay. But it is a particular young man I saw exiting Topman’s London flagship store with a pipe, a moustache and a beautiful tweed jacket that made me really consider the popularity of hunting-derived garments on the streets of modern England. This man was quite an anomaly in the extremity of his take on this sartorial style; he looked so interesting that I, along with many others, could not take my eyes off him. Though he was an extreme example of country style on the streets of modern England, he inspired me to investigate this topic in depth. I love the look of the traditional, so-called ‘English Gentleman’ and the modern derivations of this. I have a strong interest in the roots of shooting and hunting garments; they were originally developed for function and suitability to practical activities, but are yet so characteristically hardwearing and aesthetically appealing. While women have many varying and acceptable clothing styles that are derived from history and tradition, within the many limits and regulations of menswear I feel that country sporting attire is one of the few strong and recognizable stylistic genres that has survived and is still in some ways applicable to modern menswear in England.

Now thats just a segment of my essay, and if you are interested in the topic, I strongly advise you go over to read Dapper Kid's blog. His blog post about iconic British style can be found here, on his rather wonderful menswear blog...

ta ta! xxx

t r u e l ♥ v e

Oh me oh my, this is the cutest thing i have ever seen! Now, when i saw pixar's UP at the cinema, i cried. and i mean REALLY cried. When i then rewatched it, I cried some more! I absolutely adore the film, especially the first part with the lovely couple (Carl and Ellie) and their planned adventures. It is so lovely. And i adore the idea of just floating off in your house, carried by beautiful ballons, and escaping.
I am a bit of a romantic, and I fell head-over heels with this photoshoot my boyfriend found here:

The letter: 
“Lynnette… I have a confession, I am in love with you.  It is not the ‘usual’ love, but the love that makes me remember the little things, the ‘boring’ things.  It is the boring things in life that I will remember the most.  The memories of jumping over sidewalk cracks to how the clouds talk to us.  You make me remember the moments.  It is that love that makes me believe.  Belief that I was there when you were a toothless kid.  Dancing through life, only stopping to hold my hand. Letting me know that anything is possible.  I am in love with you, ‘my greatest adventure’. – James”

The shoot:

The photoshoot was to celebrate the couple getting engaged, and it is just so perfect and beautiful.
And they look so beautiful. The fine pinstripes on his jacket, with the crisp shirt and gorgeous bowtie is a combination to die for!

I hope everyone finds their Carl or Ellie....I know I've found mine.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

It's been a while.....

I have been away far too long.
This is mainly because i have been busy finishing university work, having my graduate show, and then (luckily, after my new bed arrived) getting ill and remaining in bed for far too long!

On the 23rd of April, I had my graduate show. I have now just about finished my three years at uni, and two of those years i have spent specialising in menswear. My graduate show went well and here are some photos of my collection.....

Morbid Anatomy by Rosie Alia

Look 1:
Cells Jumper,
Muscle Shirt,
Muscle Trousers.

Look 2:
Back Brace Harness
Ribcage Shirt
Dissectional Trousers

Outfit 3:
Second-Skin Jacket
Cells Vest
Intestinal Trousers

 These are my favourite shoes in the whole world, and they finally got a decent outing at my show! I made myself a skirt out of some remnants from my collection too.
SO, I've almost finished uni now, which is insane. Now starts the hellish jobsearch........

byeeeee x