Thursday, 31 March 2011

A visit to soho for some vintage shopping!

Now, my usual haunts for clothes are predominantly charity shops and carboots and ebay...but I'm not that often one for shopping vintage shops. In London they cost a bomb for the things I usually like. And there is generally a whole lot of 80's and 90's stuff that I hav no interest in to sift through in hope of finding something I may really want anyway. 
But on payday last week, after work a group of us took a trip to a couple of the soho vintage shops. And I must say, I was rather sucessful.

First stop was Beyond Retro, where I actually managed to find two things I really wanted!

  Embroidered cotton peasant top, £18. Hand quilted, cropped peach satin jacket, £25.

 Now, this is certainly more than I had been intending to spend, but when it came to it, I just couldn't put either back. The white cotton peasant top has hand embroidered cross-stitch all around the neckline; I can just imagine all the time that went into this when it was made! And I have been searching for a nice peasant top for so long (though, now, with its bright green running through it, I'm not sure what I have that is suited to wear with it just yet). I'm guessing it's maybe a 50's item? But I'm not sure, it could be 60's?
And then the shrug, well what can I say. It has been hand quilted with running stitch and has sating frog fastenings. I just thought it would be beautiful with the right tea dress for summer evenings out. Again, I'm not sure the exact date of this. And is it even an outer jacket? looks like it could even be a bed jacket (though if so, I think it needs repurposing as an evening jacket as I can't bear to hide this away from the world!).  Any guesses?
I am head-over-heels with these items, so although I was spending a fair amount in one go, they are unique things that were worth the investment.

So we toddled off to another shop and I swore I wouldn't be spending ANY money in the next store. We went to a shop on Berwick street that I'd always walked past but never thought to go into. Turns out it has a bargain basement where I just couldn't say no to THIS:

Vintage polyester blouse, £5.
WVS brooch: ebay, 99p (£2.00 p&p).

I was doing my best not to look at the rails, when my friend pulled out this blouse, handed it to me, and told me I had to have it. She was right. For one, it fit me (it is very rare for blouses not to gape at the front, but with this one's neck shape and small button and loop fastening, it was ideal). Also, it is just such a gorgeous, and now quite rare 1940's looking shape, with a small waist and peplum bottom. IT's 100% polyester and I can't quite work out when this would have been made- EDIT: it is a 70's item, thanks Vintage Vixen for your incredible knowledge!

And yes, thet is an original Womens Voluntary Service brooch you spy on the blouse, another ridiculous ebay bargain!

Yes, I am beginning to realise that it appears like I never stop spending, but I generally am quite good, honest!

Pip pip xx

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jeepers creepers, I am a magpie!

Oh me, oh my.
Life has been ever so busy again, as per usual. But I'm taking this opportunity (before another nightshift) to update and upload. 
So last weekend, I had a really great photoshoot for my menswear collection to be in an online magazine. I have seen the pictures and ever so pleased with them. I will give you more info and share the pictures when the magazine launches!

Now I've recently been doing a lot of shopping on ebay, what with it being mothers day/birthdays etc coming up. The trouble I have with ebay is that it's so easy to shop...and spend! I can sit on my sofa and rifle through pages of treasures and junk, until you find that perfect something. And usually for a bargain price if you're lucky! It's also always enjoyable to recieve things in the post, so another positive.
...........BUT, it is so easy to spend! It's not like real money, it's just pressing buttons isn't it. Ha.
And, I can't bear it if I lose something I've been bidding on! It drives me insane.
Do you girls have the same strange relationship with ebay?
Here is a beauty that arrived this morning from ebay for myself (the rest have been rather wonderful presents for others):

Vintage 40's shrug: ebay, £1.30 (+£2.50 p&p)

A pretty big bargain eh? 
I just love the print and the texture of the fabric. 
It's a bit discoloured, and tatty but I can make the mends to it. Now I just need to find something plain enough to wear it with (I am constantly drawn to prints, so sometimes it can be hard to find things that match)!
What are your best ebay bargains?
Pip pip xx

A cat is for life, not just for dresses...but it makes a darn good print!

When on holiday in Spain, I saw this beauty of a print (practically) waving at me through the window of Mango and I was so drawn to it I had to try it on!

For some bizarre reason, the print reminds me of this:

Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen's poster for Le Chat Noir.
Is it just me?
Unfortunately (although I think my purse gave out a sigh of relief), when I tried it on I just wasn't convinced...the high neck combined with busy print really did nothing for my bust! And I felt that it was maybe a bit short for my liking; I like a skirt to reach a good couple of inches below my knees ideally!
But that aside, it is a lovely dress with a glorious print. So, I thought I would inform you vintage/vintage-inspired loving ladies of blogland of such a wonderous dress. Hopefully someone else can give it the love it deserves!

Pip pip! x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I'm well and truly back!

Hello lovelies....or should that be 'hola'?

Yes, I am back from my holiday. Well and truly back. And straight into a week of total, sickness, and a nightshift! So apologies for having been back over a week without a post!

Ooooh, out the plane window, 'citin!

The holiday was lovely....a well deserved chance to relax and enjoy not being in the big smoke, after 8 years sans a holiday!

Staying with my grandparents, we mainly did a whole lot of not very much. But we did....

 ...Visit villages in the mountains.
(Here I am wearing my vintage 1950's catseye sunglasses and a beautiful 1950's floral cotton dress that I am borrowing indefinitely from my step mum. It makes me feel summery!)

...EAT. A lot.
(ps look at Mr Mike's fancy yacht shirt, isn't it darling?)

...Play pool (I lost EVERY game).

...And swim in a pool. Look proof ^
(Though admittedly, the outdoor pool was so cold that this is as far into it as I got. I nearly lost my tootsies to hypothermia! But me and the Mike stayed in a little luxury apartment complex for a few treat days where we spent hours in the indoor pool and jacuzzi....heaven!).
We went out for a couple of romantic 'posh' 3-course meals as well, which was nice.
(I ate a bit of swordfish, fancy that! I wore my Tara Starlet floral tea dress, teamed with my trusty clarks heels for said swordfish swallowing!)
I EVEN visited a charity shop with my Nan whilst I was out there. I just couldn't help myself! All in the name of research, eh? It's ok, I only came away with one thing: a small raspberry pink raffia clutch for a bargainous €1.

I have some lovely old family things that I was shown/given whilst I was out there too, but more on that later ladies!

Pip pip! x