Sunday, 11 April 2010

a little bit growed up?

today my mummy announced she is getting me a new bed, because my current bed is the worst thing ever and i hate it and it's TERRIBLE for my back!

i am getting this beauty...
i am ever so excited.
memory foam mattress and all.

this is it, i will own a bed, to take with me in a few months when i finish my degree and move in with my handsome boyshape.
wow, i am growing up.

i can't wait to get this bed whenever it may arrive. hurry up argos! this old bed is NOT cool for being ill in, it only perpetuates the ill feeling!

on a brighter note though, today i made a shirt for my graduate collection and it is pretty well finished considering, well, i did it! this has brightened up my day no end. and so to congratulate myself i purchased myself the most perfect wallet i have ever seen IN MY LIFE.

Absolute perfection in purse form.
I want everything in the 'dandy' and 'paper planes' ranges by disaster designs.

as a brown paper and string gal, i love the wash bag disguised as a parcel....
and the plate that says 'hello beautiful'.

And the bags are to die for.....if only i could actually carry a bag. my back wont allow it, which makes life rather difficult! the result is over-stuffed coat pockets, a hideous rucksack, or a granny trolley.
Total babe, right?
yeah....not so much!

must dash! i have a dissertation to write.....and medicine to take! x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

zzzz's purlease!

i have just arrived back in my london house, after a lovely time at home where i did a lot LESS work than i should have, and a lot MORE chocolate devouring than i should have!
now i am back i must get back to the gruelling work routine if i want to get my final collection ready for the show.....its soooooooooooooon!

I love this cat.

I found her on the internet.
I am jealous of her clothes.

Please someone buy me this!

I am off to the land of nod for some serious zzz's. i will probably dream about the hello kitty cat and the hello kitty kigurumi suit.......

nighty night! x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

She's all fur coat and BIG knickers...

This is a slightly unorthodox and utterly amazing present from mother for easter! Giant black sequin high waisted hot pants, and a pearly hairband....nice!

Now i am supposed to be doing my dissertation right now, but am instead cheating on mr dissertation with a certain mr blog instead! My attempt last night to work on said dissertation failed miserably after having to set up camp on the stairs (the dog was slightly miffed i was in her spot) as there was no room untouched due to easter madness and lots of guests over at mother's!

Now i am back at dad's listening to kitty, daisy & lewis and not doing much better.....yet! i WILL.

Here is a few photos of those amazing items i picked up over easter weekend:

My lovely new tea dress.

Fifties kitchen scales and baking trays...
boy can i not wait for when i have a kitchen of my own to decorate!

1979 Plastic red singer sewing machine in box, to add to my collection.
1940's sunglasses in need of a bit of a clean,
and some vintage men's sock garters....definitely gonna rock those with some slouchy knee high socks! yum.
and a teeny watch bracelet. i need to put a bettery in it, but if it works it will solve all manner of problems, and allow me to function without my mobile permanently glued to my hand.

My vintage white lace dress, which is beautiful.
And the faded green 40's hat which i am probably going to live in now.
Some old man sold it to me for £3 and it was his wifes,so i shall treasure it! Bally shoes. 
finally....vintage shoes in my size! so hard to find.
yummy summer shoes!

I just got excited about my record player in a box too! 
I got this for xmas from my parentals, but havent sorted out the plug yet, but it is damn beautiful and a perfect addition to mine and my boyfriends accidental and growing collection of vintage record players too. I cant wait until we one day have a place with enough space to jive around to our old records (my boyfirend has to teach me to dance, i am too clumsy!) CAN. NOT. WAIT.

righto, really must dash....i've kept mr dissertation waiting long enough. plus i've devoured a big bag of chocolate buttons to myself.

pip pip! x