Sunday, 31 July 2011

Just a quick hello!

Oh, dear readers!
I have been bloomin' awful at keeping you up to date and though I'm sure no one's noticed my absence, I do really need to get over these nightshifts so life can resume as normal!

One more tonight so this is just quick post to show off my lovely new-to-me Tara Starlet dress I bought off a lovely lass...

Yellow catseye sunglasses: vintage fair.
Yellow floral Tara Starlet 'Home Front Dancing Dress'.
Bamboo bag: collectors fair.
Clarks Originals wedge sandals: ebay.
Green wooden bangles.
Bamboo bangle: Daisy & Lola's in Norwich.

I just ADORE Tara Starlet's dresses. This is my second, and I just love the way they hang, and feel to wear. The only reason I don't have more is because they make my purse cry a little! But are worth the pennies when you pop one on and swish around in them and realise how delightful they are.

This is what I wore today to mooch around the free bits at Vintage at Southbank in the sun!
I have heard pretty mixed reviews, but I can't complain about the free bits....
Well, apart from the fact that there were so many stall with things I wanted, but that's hardly a terrible thing. Bad for my purse however! I came away with a few bits which I am sure will creep up onto here when normality resumes. 
What did those of you who attended think of the festival?

Now, I am off for another nightshift shortly. Le sigh!
Toodle pip! xx

Saturday, 16 July 2011

My steam train adventure!

Now, for the longest time, I have pined after the idea of going on a steam train, as yes, I am ashamed to say, I never had been on one.

That is, until a couple of weeks ago when I reverted back to a state of overexcited child (more excited, I might add, than my 8 year old sister. Who is an actual child.) as I stepped onto my very first!

Upon my last visit home for a brief weekend escape from the big smoke, I visited my mum and sister in Wymondham. 
We set off for the charity shops, taking care to take in the lovely scenery as we ambled along...

...when I heard an unfamiliar noise in the distance. 

It was the faint whirrrrr of...a STEAM TRAIN!

To my amazement, Wymondham has a second train station just for steam trains that I never even knew about! Now, I knew that on occasion a steam train may travel through the main Wymondham station, but blimey, this other station with regular steam trains was a complete surprise!

We ran off to see if we could spot it as it passed through the station. But when we got there, it was resting. Due to depart the station in 15 minutes time.
So, we did what any person in their right mind would do, and bought tickets!

On we got, dog and all. And off we went!

Now, we only went one station along- a 9 minute journey. But the journey was amazing!

There's nothing like tearing through the Norfolk countryside on a wooden lined steam train, with your head out the window and the smoke in your eyes.

Of course, me and my ister had a good explore of the train too...

When we arrived at the next station, Kimberley Park, we hopped off and watched the train tear away into the distance.
Then we went on a countryside amble whilst we waited to be collected by my step-dad in the car.

Dear readers, have you ever been on a steam train?
I can now officially say I have....and it was delightful!

I thoroughly recommend a trip on one, and for those of you in Norfolk; The Mid-Norfolk Railway and The North-Norfolk Railway both run steam trains through various stations and hold numerous events!

We were on The Mid-Norfolk Railway, on a line which first carried passengers between Wymondham and Dereham on 15th Feb 1847!
After many changes to the line and services running upon it, the Wymondham - Dereham route was closed to passenger trains in 1969. It was only re-opened for public trains in 1999 after The Mid-Norfolk Railway Society was formed (1995), took ownership of the line, and carried out restorations.

The MNRS and its steam trains are now all run by wonderful volunteers...and for such an experience, the fares are very reasonable!
Our ticket from Wymondham to Kimberley Park (one way) cost £1.50 for an adult, 75p for a child, and 50p for a dog. And the tickets to further stations were little more.
(You can even pay £5 extra to travel in the observation car- right at the front, next to the little bar, and decked out with plush seats and giant windows!)

I'll leave you with a photo of me, errrr, posting a letter?

Floral dirndl skirt: charity shop.
Cream 1940's blouse: ebay.
Cardigan: part of a twinset, charity shop.
Shoes: Lady K, ebay.

Pip pip xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Snippets of a crafty home.

So, a few weeks ago I did a post called Snippets of a curious home, where I shared an insight into my dad and step-mum's home.

In this I mentioned how very different my mum and step-dad's home is, with it's neutral decor and homemade foodstuffs! They are wonderfully good at growing veg in the garden in the vegetable patch, and for making homemade jams and preserves, as well as wines and champagnes (my personal favourite being the wonderful elderflower champagne my mum makes). They live in a town called Wymondham, in Norfolk....which has really good charity shops!

So here is a sneak peek into my other family home...

Don't you just adore the shepherds hut?
It is delightful...but more on that to come in another post!

Family facts:
#1 My mum is a very good painter!
#2 My little sister (technically, half-sister...but that's only a technicality) is 8. And bloomin' adorable.
#3 I have a grandad from Burma (born in Burma/Myanmar, his parents were Indian themselves).
#4 My mum is one of 7 children.

I do hope some of you will share your family homes with us in blogland.
I do like a good snoop.
All in the name of research, y'see!

Pip pip! xx