Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Early morning postal surprises.

This morning my postie arrived to my door with a parcel...a big, heavy parcel no less!

 I blooming LOVE the arrival of a surprise parcel, and this one from my parents was no exception.

A selection of New York illustrated postcards, a gift wrapping set. union jack bunting, loads of chocolates, and a book called "The New Look: A Social History of the Forties and Fifties"

Don't you just love the cover illustration? Wonderful!

Receiving a parcel of such a calibre is a lovely way to start the day, I'm sure you'll agree!

Pip pip xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sewing machine of my dreams....

Has anyone else seen the Singer 160 years anniversary machine?
This beauty is available from John Lewis for £399.

It has been designed to reference the iconic design of the early metal singer machines, but with the needs of the modern dressmaker in mind. And I think it's pretty darling.

I dislike the design of modern sewing machines; there seems to be a rule about making sewing machines white and boring nowadays, and it has always baffled me. Sewers are creative people....and creative people like things that look pretty, right? I know I am a sucker for a practical item that has been designed to look more interesting than the norm, hence my laptop purchase being swung by the fact that I found a pink one amidst what was then a sea of black and chrome (That might just be me, although I'm sure it's not!).

I feel like the world is unjust because I can't afford to own it! I'm pretty sure that my life would be much improved by this glorious machine.*

Are you an advocate of form over function (or at least form equal to function)....or a practical buyer who is not taken in by bright colours and retro style?

Pip pip xx

*NB if you are rich and frivolous/kind and would like to donate me said machine, I will be forever in your debt....FOREVER!

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Great British Sunshine

Bonjour ladies!

What a lovely week it's been here in the uk! We have had glorious sunshine...something I had almost forgotten existed after the dull days we seemed to be having an awful lot of in recent months.

Yesterday, with the sun beating down and armed with a selection of picnic treats, me and my pal Amy made our way to Regents Park to bask in the wonderful weather!

My outfit today was a rather patriotic red, white and blue ensemble...
Red sun hat: antique and vintage shop.
1940's bolero: ebay.
Sun dress: secondhand emporium.
Basket bag: carboot.

I adore the print on this bolero.

Our picnic- crisps, dips, pitta bread, strawberries, gin and tonics, pimms and lemonades, bucks fizz...

Not to mention the red, white and blue fondant fancies which we were incredibly excited about!

What have you been doing to celebrate the wonderful weather this week dear readers? I do hope you've had a lovely time.

Pip pip xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The day I went to tea with Larry Lamb...

From L-R: My gorgeous colleague Lauren, the charming Larry Lamb, my lovely boss Angel, and little old me!

Yes, a couple of weeks ago, Mr Larry Lamb came round to the Vintage Patisserie HQ, where we proceeded to drink tea and talk about the 1950's. We were filming a segment for a special Jubilee programme which will be screening at 9pm on BBC1 on Thursday 24th of May.

Oh me oh my, how I hope I don't come across too nervous!

Pip pip xx