Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A special find & a plea for help...embroidered RAF nightdress case!

Now I picked up this incredible little beauty just before Christmas for a princely sum of £8. I wasn't meant to be spending on myself pre-Christmas, but how exactly was I meant to resist such a find? Especially when, the previous week, my trusty leather pyjama case split. It seemed fitting to replace it with this lovely piece.

Fantastic Mr Fox insisted on popping his head into the frame. I think he has done a pretty fine job of posing in this, don't you?

Just look at the lovely embroidery work!
I immediately thought of the amazing RAF embroidery that the darling Tickety Boo Tupney has both aqcuired and  been working on herself.

Now, as with practically everything else I acquire, I wish so much to know the back story behind this case. Often items featuring RAF emblem embroidery was either worked by a gal and then given to her WWII serviceman, or given as a gift by a serviceman to his sweetheart (purchased whilst away from a local, or embroidered himself to keep him occupied in any spare time). 

Now, I scratched my head a little with this one. A gal couldn't have made this for her RAF darling (I'm not sure a nightdress would have been his sleepwear of choice), and all that ruching detail just seems a little too feminine to have been worked by a serviceman.

So, a souvenir bought on tour and sent back to his sweetheart seemed the most fitting explanation, no?

Then I stumbled across this image on a website selling vintage homewares....

Image from Steptoes Dog.
Huh? It's EXACTLY the same. A pink version of my beloved nightdress case.

For sale on a website called Steptoes Dog, this is the description:
"Vintage 1940s Pink Royal Air Force Night Dress Case. This is a really pretty vintage nightdress case, dating to circa 1948." 

So now I am scratching my head far more vigorously. With this hand embroidery I assumed it was a one off piece, handmade as a souvenir by a WWII RAF serviceman on tour. So how come these two are EXACTLY the same?? And I wonder how the shop arrived at the 1948 date?

So, this is a plea to you clever and much more informed souls out there in the world of the interweb, please help me shed some light on this, for else I shall be forever puzzled!

Pip pip x

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Brilliant Business Love: Sugar and Vice

I recently have been pining for a necklace that I bought during my second year of uni, wore to death, then lost at some point during a moving of flat! 

It was a personalised name necklace made by the sadly now non-existent Lady Luck Rules OK. I wore it constantly for about a year, changing the chain to a string of pearls at one point. And then one day the string of pearls broke, I put it away for safe keeping swearing to fix it, and there it stayed before disappearing somewhere between my last few moves!

Me wearing said necklace in 2009: at an event my friend put on, wearing a corset and pearled fascinator both made by me, and at one of my uni menswear projects fashion shows watching with my Mum and little sister.

 Recently I have been scouring the internet looking for a new name necklace, similar to the LLROK one I previously owned, but despaired when I couldn't find one that caught my eye.

And then, over Instagram, I discovered Sugar And Vice. This fab company was not one I had heard of before but I popped over to their website and what should I find but an array of personalised name necklaces. And one in particular caught my eye.....
Finding that there was also an offer of 20% off, I popped the name necklace and one other in my virtual basket and clicked on the checkout button.

It states on the website that the personalised items can take up to 7 additional day on top of standard shipping time so I wasn't expecting anything so soon, but just a few days later this little bundle popped through my letterbox.


The necklaces arrived in a little box, with a thank you card and some sweets (I am a sucker for little touches like this)!

And this little beauty is the name necklace that caught my eye. Isn't it charming?

I decided that I simply must own this autumn leaves necklace too, as I have a feeling it will go just perfectly with this outfit and my Miss L Fires!

I can also vouch for Sugar And Vice's amazing customer service, answering my questions at top speed.

So go take a peek at their website....but don't blame me when you're parting with your hard earned cash!

Pip pip x