Sunday, 31 July 2011

Just a quick hello!

Oh, dear readers!
I have been bloomin' awful at keeping you up to date and though I'm sure no one's noticed my absence, I do really need to get over these nightshifts so life can resume as normal!

One more tonight so this is just quick post to show off my lovely new-to-me Tara Starlet dress I bought off a lovely lass...

Yellow catseye sunglasses: vintage fair.
Yellow floral Tara Starlet 'Home Front Dancing Dress'.
Bamboo bag: collectors fair.
Clarks Originals wedge sandals: ebay.
Green wooden bangles.
Bamboo bangle: Daisy & Lola's in Norwich.

I just ADORE Tara Starlet's dresses. This is my second, and I just love the way they hang, and feel to wear. The only reason I don't have more is because they make my purse cry a little! But are worth the pennies when you pop one on and swish around in them and realise how delightful they are.

This is what I wore today to mooch around the free bits at Vintage at Southbank in the sun!
I have heard pretty mixed reviews, but I can't complain about the free bits....
Well, apart from the fact that there were so many stall with things I wanted, but that's hardly a terrible thing. Bad for my purse however! I came away with a few bits which I am sure will creep up onto here when normality resumes. 
What did those of you who attended think of the festival?

Now, I am off for another nightshift shortly. Le sigh!
Toodle pip! xx


  1. Lovely outfit.... I'd love to have gone to Vintage at Southbank. Hope they do it again next year, I've heard lots of good things :)

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  3. You look like a screen siren! Love it! I did not go because I couldn't afford to go. I didn't realise there would be free bits until another blogger who was also a seller wrote about it. Such a shame. I've heard the free bits were the best bits so far...very mixed reviews. x

  4. OOh lovely! I wish I had saved my pennies and only gone to the free bits of vintage- TBH, the inside was OK but not worth £60.

  5. Oooh, you look lovely! I need to try on a Tara Starlet dress I think. Worried about them not fitting my arms!

    Apparently there was a picture of me on the big screen at Vintage, but so far I've only found one person who saw it!

  6. Thanks for the comments lovelies!
    RC- do they sell Tara Starlet in Daisy and Lola's? Definitely worth trying one on if you have queries...but they have a bloomin' lovely fit! And yes I saw over le twitters that you were on the big screen though I never saw a big screen meself...was probably in the non-free bit. Exciting though!



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