Saturday, 22 October 2011

A moonicure from Minnie Moons....

Now, we gals of the vintage-inspired variety are often seen sporting a nice nail colour, but what if your nails refuse to grow to that glamorous length you want?

I am one who has spent many a year with serious nail envy of those who can grow delightfully glamorous nails, with strength to hold a good nail varnish without immediate chipping.
My nails, however, have never managed to get very long, even with layers and layers of top quality nail varnish and strengthener. So, when I met the beautiful Sharon whilst working with VP, and discovered her new venture into mobile manicures, specialising in the vintage half-moon mani, I invited her over to work her magic on my little nails.

A 1936 Cutex ad from Cosmopolitan magazine, featuring a half-moon manicure.

Sharon goes by the name Minnie Moons, and strives to bring vintage-style glamour to you and your fingertips (and in the comfort of your own home)!

On wednesday, she popped over to mine and set to work on my nails. My nails are rather short still, so with her help, the intention is to get my nails long enough for a pointed 1930's nail shape, with bare moons and tips, so under Sharon's advice I opted for an acrylic overlay to my nail. This means that an acrylic layer is added to my nails which adds no length, but instead acts as a protective layer to give my nails the strength they need to grow to my desired length without breaking. This will then need to be in-filled as my nail grows, and then taken off and re-done every now and again.

My short nails still look pretty impressive with the beautiful silver half-moons, and are now super-strong which will allow them to survive the battering they get at work!

If you would like some glorious nails from Minnie Moons, then you can pop over to her facebook page to can see a list of services available from this clever lady!

Pip pip xx


  1. Beautiful manicure. Oh how I know the pain of breaking nails and chipping polish. But I quit using acrylic nails some months ago as I felt it hard to maintain. That and I found it horribly boring to sit around at the manicure for nearly two hours ;). So I´m back to short and try to make the best out of it.

  2. Your new manicure looks so pretty. The half-moons are so cute!


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