Thursday, 17 January 2013

When an outfit just comes together....and my very first Miss L Fire's!

I did it, I was naughty and treated myself to some Miss L Fire shoes from their sale. 
But boy oh boy were they worth it!

I just can't stop looking at them....

I opted for the Fern, which were £45 in the sale. I could have bought many others but my purse just wouldn't allow it (oh my, do they know how to make a beautiful shoe)! But these are a green-and-brown dream.

The moment they arrived my mind started reeling for outfits I could wear with them...and I came up with a rather perfect one. 
Don't you just love it when that happens?

 Rust coloured 1940's silk shirt: secondhand/antique emporium.
1940's style pinafore skirt: made by me (I forgot to get a close-up picture, but by total coincidence the straps button to the skirt with lovely rust coloured buttons too)

Autumnal hair flowers: made by me (Rosie Alia Designs)
Acorn brooch: a Christmas gift, from Luxulite
The beautiful shoes of joy: Miss L Fire
Green plastic beads: charity shop

Now I need to start racking my brains for some other perfectly coordinating outfits for these shoes.
I think I may have to get my sewing machine out for some projects based around these beauties!

Pip pip x


  1. Miss L Fire sure know how to make people want to spend money on their beautiful shoes don't they! They look fab with that outfit, I haven't worn mine yet - but I was the same when I opened them up I was like "oooh ahhh" over shoes lol!!

    Looking forward to seeing your creations


    1. Oh goodness, they do indeed! I wish someone would just donate me them all!! Haha x

  2. Oh, nice! I know nowadays people say accessories *shouldn't* match, but I think that's a load of rot - matching accessories add such polish to an outfit. Yours look great.

    1. Thank you, I quite agree! I thoroughly enjoy outfits with well coordinated accessories! xx


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