Saturday, 2 February 2013

Brilliant Business Love: Sugar and Vice

I recently have been pining for a necklace that I bought during my second year of uni, wore to death, then lost at some point during a moving of flat! 

It was a personalised name necklace made by the sadly now non-existent Lady Luck Rules OK. I wore it constantly for about a year, changing the chain to a string of pearls at one point. And then one day the string of pearls broke, I put it away for safe keeping swearing to fix it, and there it stayed before disappearing somewhere between my last few moves!

Me wearing said necklace in 2009: at an event my friend put on, wearing a corset and pearled fascinator both made by me, and at one of my uni menswear projects fashion shows watching with my Mum and little sister.

 Recently I have been scouring the internet looking for a new name necklace, similar to the LLROK one I previously owned, but despaired when I couldn't find one that caught my eye.

And then, over Instagram, I discovered Sugar And Vice. This fab company was not one I had heard of before but I popped over to their website and what should I find but an array of personalised name necklaces. And one in particular caught my eye.....
Finding that there was also an offer of 20% off, I popped the name necklace and one other in my virtual basket and clicked on the checkout button.

It states on the website that the personalised items can take up to 7 additional day on top of standard shipping time so I wasn't expecting anything so soon, but just a few days later this little bundle popped through my letterbox.


The necklaces arrived in a little box, with a thank you card and some sweets (I am a sucker for little touches like this)!

And this little beauty is the name necklace that caught my eye. Isn't it charming?

I decided that I simply must own this autumn leaves necklace too, as I have a feeling it will go just perfectly with this outfit and my Miss L Fires!

I can also vouch for Sugar And Vice's amazing customer service, answering my questions at top speed.

So go take a peek at their website....but don't blame me when you're parting with your hard earned cash!

Pip pip x


  1. Isn't it just!? Sometimes, you just can't beat a good name necklace! x


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