Sunday, 11 April 2010

a little bit growed up?

today my mummy announced she is getting me a new bed, because my current bed is the worst thing ever and i hate it and it's TERRIBLE for my back!

i am getting this beauty...
i am ever so excited.
memory foam mattress and all.

this is it, i will own a bed, to take with me in a few months when i finish my degree and move in with my handsome boyshape.
wow, i am growing up.

i can't wait to get this bed whenever it may arrive. hurry up argos! this old bed is NOT cool for being ill in, it only perpetuates the ill feeling!

on a brighter note though, today i made a shirt for my graduate collection and it is pretty well finished considering, well, i did it! this has brightened up my day no end. and so to congratulate myself i purchased myself the most perfect wallet i have ever seen IN MY LIFE.

Absolute perfection in purse form.
I want everything in the 'dandy' and 'paper planes' ranges by disaster designs.

as a brown paper and string gal, i love the wash bag disguised as a parcel....
and the plate that says 'hello beautiful'.

And the bags are to die for.....if only i could actually carry a bag. my back wont allow it, which makes life rather difficult! the result is over-stuffed coat pockets, a hideous rucksack, or a granny trolley.
Total babe, right?
yeah....not so much!

must dash! i have a dissertation to write.....and medicine to take! x

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