Wednesday, 7 April 2010

zzzz's purlease!

i have just arrived back in my london house, after a lovely time at home where i did a lot LESS work than i should have, and a lot MORE chocolate devouring than i should have!
now i am back i must get back to the gruelling work routine if i want to get my final collection ready for the show.....its soooooooooooooon!

I love this cat.

I found her on the internet.
I am jealous of her clothes.

Please someone buy me this!

I am off to the land of nod for some serious zzz's. i will probably dream about the hello kitty cat and the hello kitty kigurumi suit.......

nighty night! x


  1. i cant buy it for you....but have you been on eurogal? they have loads, or they did have! wapans have the best fashion x

  2. i know, they have lots of cute ones....but i canny afford. which makes me saddened!
    but one day! xx


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