Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Snippets of a curious house!


When I pop back to Norwich to visit my fam, I split my time between my dad and step-mum's, and my mum and step-dad's very different homes!

My mum has a lovely home of shabby chic, natural and neutral loveliness. Lots of homemade crafty things, a kitchen full of homemade preserves and wines, and a garden full of home grown veg! Very economical and self sufficient. And now, a new addition to the garden....a shepherds hut! But more on that when I've had the chance to return home and stay in it- I can't wait!

* * * *

My dad and step-mum's, on the other hand, is packed to the rafters with antique, vintage and secondhand treasures and oddities! The colour scheme is predominantly quite victorian gothic, with lots of display cases and shelves and a big fireplace in the front room. My dad has his "music room"...a room that basically he has  filled with his records, comics and retro and vintage toys and games! AND, we have a 'museum under the stairs'...yep, they turned the cupboard under the stairs into a tiny "museum".

For this post I thought I'd share a few pictures from around the house...

My fathers day present for my dad has taken pride of place on the bathroom door! 

And want to meet the owners of such a curious house?

Daddy Johnson, and Big Rosie (yes, we are both named Rosie)

Family facts:
#1 My dad runs a music college in Norwich.
#2 My step mum is an interior designer.
#3 Paloma Faith has visited our house.
#4 We once had a gig in our house as part of the Orange Unlit Tour.
#5 Me and my step-mum are both called Rosie.
#6 My dad, my step-dad, and Mr Mike's dad are all called Ian.

What are your fam's like? Tell me some interesting facts!

Pip pip xx


  1. Wow, what an interesting home. We want more photos! And some of your mum's house too while you are at it ;) x

  2. Love it! Looks fascinating to explore.

    My family are super weird. My Aunt dated Jimmy Saville and he picked her up in a pink roller, whereupon legend has it my uncle tried to buy it off him. That's one of the tamer stories.

  3. Haha thats cool you all share names! Sounds like a fun house :)

  4. That's a very cool house with very interesting social life! Just goes to prove my theory even further that Norwich is one very vintage loving, fab place to live! I have a few Norwich posts planned that may remind you of home my sweet :O) x

  5. Put some more pictures up, your photos make the house look good.The Unlit film is here (you have bleached hair in it (innit).


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