Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hats off! (and onto the wall): A DIY storage solution

I have had this big picture frame in my possession since I was about Step-Mum painted it pink for me and it had been housing various things within it's frame since then.

Now, as we are finally making some headway with the spare room of me & Mr Mike's new flat I thought that the frame was ripe for reinvention! And what better than a novel way of storing and displaying my hats?

I thought I'd share with you all how to do it.

What you will need:

 A paintbrush, your chosen paint, some strong wire or twine for hanging the frame, a hammer, nails, and a large frame.

*First, be sure to cover the floor with newspapers to avoid any disasterous spillages*

Now get painting!

Make sure you get into every nook and cranny of the frame. I painted the back board in the same paint as the frame, but you could cover the board with a beautiful fabric from your stash, or simply a contrasting colour paint.

Wait until the paint is thoroughly dry before hanging in it's designated wall space (you may be an impatient kinda gal like me, but you certainly don't want paint marks on your wall, so just hold tight!). 

My frame is a particularly large and heavy one, so I restrung the back with wire bought from a local hardware shop to give it plenty of strength.

Hammer nails carefully into the back board in whatever arrangement you like, thinking about spacing to fit your glorious hat collection in as best as possible.

Et voila!
A simple solution to the age-old problem of so many hats, only one head!
It keeps them from getting crushed in boxes, airs them to minimise the attack of damp that always seems to strike (at least in our home) in the cold winter months, and saves precious space for....well, more stuff!

This is also a great trick for fellow renters who are looking for storage and display solutions without putting too many nails in the wall!

I was feeling a little trigger-happy with the paintbrush so I also gave this chap a little lick of paint as his yellow pine-y appearance was just not cutting it...

Pip pip xx



  1. Ooh what a utterly fabulous idea!! I've been struggling to find a way to hang my hats for a while now, I had them in my last place on a coat hook thingy, but they never looked right, this idea is the perfect way to show them off! x

    1. Thanks Wendy! I contemplated a lot of nails in the wall...but with a rented flat I didn't think it was necessarily the best idea. This was a much better one! If you give this a try, you'll have to let me see pictures! xx

  2. What a great idea.... I have a big box of hats, it would be nice to see what I have!! :)

    1. Thanks doll! If you ever do it, I'd LOVE to see some photos! xx

  3. Amazing idear!! WOW... i dont have to buy a hat stand now if i can make one. I dont like buying new things!!!
    Thank you xxxxx

  4. I just did this on my wall too with those removable hooks. I have something to add to your post though. Put either styrofoam cups or fruit cups onto the nails (bottom flat to the wall / calling) so the point doesn't make your hats all misshapen. It's also easier for the hats to hang off of. Hope you don't mind my tip!

  5. I absolutely love this! I have too much stuff for my wardrobe and shelves, and plenty of wall space, I should really get on the hanging bandwagon...


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