Monday, 17 September 2012

I'll Be Darned! recent vintage mends.

So as you all no doubt know (due to my wittering on about it, sorry lovelies!), I have a business that deals with vintage clothing alterations and repairs. 4 months in and I am so happy to be doing this!

I have been getting the most beautiful garments coming to me for work, and I thought that maybe I ought to share all these beauties with you....what do you think? I gets lots of inspiration from other vintage bloggers' wardrobes and secondhand finds, so I thought that you ladies might also take some inspiration from these lovely garments.

So this evening I have some wonderful vintage to show off to you....just try not to get too jealous (I have to try rather hard myself, there's lots of things I'd love to own)!

L-R: A beautiful beaded bustier, green lurex capris (part of a two piece).

 A vintage child's western shirt.

 Gold lurex trousers (part of a two-piece).

L-R: A 1940's gown with illusion neckline and embroidery, and a silk fronted bathing suit.

Red chiffon dress with gold trim and shoulder drape.

"Nettie Vogues" chiffon maxi dress with blue drape.

The back of the above dress, before and after!

To find out exactly what I did to each of these beautiful garments, you can pop over to the IBD Facebook page and read more.

Pip pip xx


  1. How do you bear to give them back after you've mended them? ;)

  2. Ooooh! I think I know who the green and gold lurex pants belong to! :)

    I have a couple of items that need mending/taking in...I may have to get in touch!

    1. Do you now?! I've seen photos of her wearing them and she looks fab!
      Well sweetheart, you know where I am now if you do need some alterations/repairs! :) x

  3. You warned me not to get jealous and yet I still am! I love that bathing suit, the ducks are so cute! x


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