Sunday, 30 September 2012

People of Norwich, thanks for all the stuff!

Hi all,

I am currently taking some time off at the moment, and have escaped that big smoky city of London and come to stay with my family in Norwich. Naturally, I have done a little secondhand shopping and picked myself up some delights!

Now first and foremost is my very favourite buy, and probably my most bizarre!

I picked up this vintage St John's Ambulance anatomical diagram wall hanging (almost as tall as me) for £25. 
Although I was trying not too spend too much money and I rarely buy things at such a price, I just couldn't let this one pass me by! I have been obsessed with old anatomical diagrams for years and been desperate for one of these. My excuse it that we were desperately in need of something to fill the void on the wall behind the tv. So if anything, it was a necessary buy....right? (I'll keep telling myself that)

This little vintage felt tilt hat cost me £5. It needs a clean and a bit of a steam and reshape, but it has lots of potential.

 This morning me and my friend set off to our favourite carboot for some very cold bargain hunting and these (along with a couple of presents for people which I cannot show you but am very pleased with) are the gems I picked up:

This skirt looks to me to be a vintage military skirt, possibly Navy? I'd guess this judging by the style and the nature of a lot of the other items on this same stall. It cost me £2! Very happy.

 The skirt has a curious little asterisk stitched into the inside of the waistband! I wonder why. Puzzling!

I am very pleased to have found this framed Lord Kitchener mirror, which probably dates from around the 70's. My Dad picked one up from a carboot previously and I found myself greatly jealous. So when I came across this one for £4 I snapped it up.
The grey box bag is a fabulous size for carting around all the rubbish that inhabits my handbag and even has little pockets for the things that so often get lost and tangled...lipstick, kirbygrips etc. A steal at £3.
The orange/red beads were £1, as were the clip on suspender straps still in their packet!

I am very pleased with my purchases and can't wait to get my mirror and wall hanging up in my flat on my return to London!

Pip pip xx


  1. Gosh, no wonder you're pleased with yourself. Good finds. Good old Norwich, must go back there soon.

  2. Norwich is always good for a bargain. Great stuff! Especially the little hat!

  3. Bloody gorgeous hat!! What a find. I love it all but the anatomical poster is really special x

  4. Lovely goodies, the hat looks great on you :) x

  5. Great finds! That hat is awesome and my bro had that Kitchener mirror in the 1970s, too!


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