Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I'm well and truly back!

Hello lovelies....or should that be 'hola'?

Yes, I am back from my holiday. Well and truly back. And straight into a week of total bleurgh...work, sickness, and a nightshift! So apologies for having been back over a week without a post!

Ooooh, out the plane window, 'citin!

The holiday was lovely....a well deserved chance to relax and enjoy not being in the big smoke, after 8 years sans a holiday!

Staying with my grandparents, we mainly did a whole lot of not very much. But we did....

 ...Visit villages in the mountains.
(Here I am wearing my vintage 1950's catseye sunglasses and a beautiful 1950's floral cotton dress that I am borrowing indefinitely from my step mum. It makes me feel summery!)

...EAT. A lot.
(ps look at Mr Mike's fancy yacht shirt, isn't it darling?)

...Play pool (I lost EVERY game).

...And swim in a pool. Look proof ^
(Though admittedly, the outdoor pool was so cold that this is as far into it as I got. I nearly lost my tootsies to hypothermia! But me and the Mike stayed in a little luxury apartment complex for a few treat days where we spent hours in the indoor pool and jacuzzi....heaven!).
We went out for a couple of romantic 'posh' 3-course meals as well, which was nice.
(I ate a bit of swordfish, fancy that! I wore my Tara Starlet floral tea dress, teamed with my trusty clarks heels for said swordfish swallowing!)
I EVEN visited a charity shop with my Nan whilst I was out there. I just couldn't help myself! All in the name of research, eh? It's ok, I only came away with one thing: a small raspberry pink raffia clutch for a bargainous €1.

I have some lovely old family things that I was shown/given whilst I was out there too, but more on that later ladies!

Pip pip! x


  1. Ahhh! Looks like you had a fab time! :) Welcome back :)

  2. Welcome back! That pilfered dress of your mums is lovely x


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