Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jeepers creepers, I am a magpie!

Oh me, oh my.
Life has been ever so busy again, as per usual. But I'm taking this opportunity (before another nightshift) to update and upload. 
So last weekend, I had a really great photoshoot for my menswear collection to be in an online magazine. I have seen the pictures and ever so pleased with them. I will give you more info and share the pictures when the magazine launches!

Now I've recently been doing a lot of shopping on ebay, what with it being mothers day/birthdays etc coming up. The trouble I have with ebay is that it's so easy to shop...and spend! I can sit on my sofa and rifle through pages of treasures and junk, until you find that perfect something. And usually for a bargain price if you're lucky! It's also always enjoyable to recieve things in the post, so another positive.
...........BUT, it is so easy to spend! It's not like real money, it's just pressing buttons isn't it. Ha.
And, I can't bear it if I lose something I've been bidding on! It drives me insane.
Do you girls have the same strange relationship with ebay?
Here is a beauty that arrived this morning from ebay for myself (the rest have been rather wonderful presents for others):

Vintage 40's shrug: ebay, £1.30 (+£2.50 p&p)

A pretty big bargain eh? 
I just love the print and the texture of the fabric. 
It's a bit discoloured, and tatty but I can make the mends to it. Now I just need to find something plain enough to wear it with (I am constantly drawn to prints, so sometimes it can be hard to find things that match)!
What are your best ebay bargains?
Pip pip xx


  1. It's fabulous, such a bargain and who wouldn't be a bit frayed around the edges after 70 years? xxx

  2. That's very true, I suspect I'll be rather frayed round the edges when I'm that age too! xx

  3. I too have the same relationship with ebay (she says.. as she flicks between this tab and the ebay one..) I tend to ebay lurk.. I am addicted to it.


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