Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A trip to the theatre!

Bonjour my lovelies!

Yesterday Mr Mike took me to the theatre to see Flare Path...and my, was I excited!
 I set my hair in some Nicky Clarke heated rollers (which I havent done before), as I was too lazy/tired the night before to do my normal bendy roller set, but it actually turned out really well! The rollers were hella painful to wear, and to keep them from pulling out my hair with the weight, I donned my trusty pink hairnet and precariously fashioned some sort of supportive headscarf to keep them aloft. They gave much bigger curls than I'm normally accustomed to, but I feel I was actually having rather a good hair day in the end!


And this is my 'off to be cultured' outfit...

Green 1940's style home-sewn dress: charity shop, £8.
1930's beaded cardigan: gift.
Belt: charity shop.

First we stuffed our giant faces at an Indian restaurant....

Then we headed off to see the play...

As you can see, I was quite excited!

The play itself was wonderful. All set on a night in WWII in a Lincolnshire b&b, the play illustrates the lives, loves and worries of a group of people experiencing the war from the same plac,e but dealing with it in different ways. The play was full of drama and emotion, as we discover the links between the different characters we see before us in one room. And of course, I blubbed.....it was bound to happen. I think I have overly emotional tear ducts. Ha. I am in fact a big baby!

But really, it was an amazing play. And of course the characters had some glorious clothes! And who can resist a fine chap in a 1940's RAF uniform?

You really must see it if you get the chance!

Pip pip xx


  1. I didnt even know it was on! I shall have to see if I can get tickets!

    One thing I wanted to tell you - you have THE most amazing eyebrows I have EVER seen! Tres bons!

  2. I've been meaning to see this, I really must get organised. I agree with Charly, your eyebrows are fab x

  3. Ha ha, thanks ladies! The more I look at those photos though, the more I wonder if they look like they are stuck on....y'know like those comedy moustaches but in eyebrow form! Tee hee.
    You both should really go see it if you can, it's so good. But only on til June, you must dash!

  4. You look gorgeous and that does sound like a great night out. Land Girl & Margaret are right, your eyebrows are fab. xxx

  5. You look stunning!
    It sounds like a great show, pitty its run is nearly over would love to see it.

    Oh and I'm really jealous of you beautifuly curled hair. I have those Nicky Clarke rollers but can't get them to curl my hair for more than an hour before it drops out:(

  6. Ooh pretty outfit! The play sounds good too - Sean now knows that the way to get me to see anything is to mention the historical costumes haha! :)

  7. Sounds a great evening.

    Your hair looks great too, brave you for sticking with those rollers, I would have quit. I'm a hair coward; I find all sorts of rollers uncomfortable so usually rag-roll- or just have a straight style like a classic ballet bun if I'm not going for an obvious mid-century look.


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