Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A jolly good satchel called Burt.

Hello dear readers.

I just wanted to share with you the parcel that arrived for me today...

Beautifully wrapped, but what could it be?

Just look at this. A brown paper parcel, tied with twine, no less! This is surely every girls dream? It certainly is mine. I literally jumped for joy when I saw it!

And a letter? Pour moi!

And the beautifully wrapped item itself.....

A delicious chocolate brown satchel of leathery goodness!

Now, this has ended a looooong and torturous search for 'the perfect satchel'. Carboots, ebay, charity shops, vintage shops. You name it, I looked there! I dreamed of discovering a wonderful battered World War II satchel with a story and a history. But, alas it was not to be. As it turns out, a good satchel is hard to come by! Either falling apart, wrong colour, lost strap, no strap. But my search is finally over, thanks to a certain miss Land Girl 1980 and this blog post!

Now I saw this post, and thought how incredible they sounded, but worried that maybe my purse wouldn't allow it and continued on my pursuit of a second hand one. But almost two months later, after having had no luck, and seeing my friends lovely new yellow leather satchel and the love she had for it, I thus made my decision...I needed one in my life!
So, I researched this wonderful company from which Land Girl had recieved such great customer service, and found their facebook page. What joy to see that they have an 'offers' section, where they are offering £35 off the chocolate brown satchel! Oh me, oh my, I couldn't believe it! And so, one had to be mine.

If you are looking for a beautiful satchel, and some jolly good customer service, then honestly do go and have a gander at The Leather Satchel Co.'s website.

The accompanying letter offered me a 5 year warranty...5 years! Though I trust it will no doubt last a lifetime, it's nice to know they offer this kind of service to customers.
And the last line of the letter?

'We do genuinely hope this satchel helps to keep-safe everything that is valuable to you, whilst also charming you with good luck'

I am giddy with excitement for him to start his journey of wear and tear, and so am off to prepare him for his first outing.
And I've named him....Burt! 

Pip pip! xx


  1. I saw that deal on their facebook page today... tempting. I love that you have called it Burt :) xx

  2. It is gorgeous! Fab name too :)

  3. Burt! What a great name. I'm sure he'll be with you for years to come, absolutely gorgeous. xxx

  4. Aah its so gorgeous, cant wait to see it out and about! :)

  5. Hi there!

    Couldn't find a way to email you but I think you may have mentioned the North London Vintage Market in an earlier blogpost, thanks for that!

    I'm one of the organisers, just to let you know it's back on Saturday June 4th, hope you can make it down!


  6. Oh that's lovely, I know *exactly* what you mean about hunting for a really old battered satchel, beautiful, but just to preloved to carry around what you would really need to in a satchel like bag. I would hate to be the person who broke the strap of a bag over 50 years old :O( I'm going to have to save for one of these though, but it's beautiful. x

  7. So definitely worth all the saving! You'll have no worries of destroying a satchel that has so much history, and knowledge that you will be giving yours its own history and then can hand it to someone else to love one day!
    Delish. xx


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