Monday, 25 June 2012

It does what it says on the proverbial tin!

Hello dear readers, I do hope you all are enjoying yourselves amidst this miserable weather.

I am still in Norfolk spending time with my family, and over the last few days it seems I have acquired a trio of items tied together by one theme....they all have specific purposes, laid out in golden font across the front of said items!

A stockings case, a hairpins box and a letter rack!

I picked up the cute little 50's/60's letter rack from my very favourite Norwich shop (the old Loose's overpriced for the most part, but full of treasures). It will look a treat on my newly organised desk!

 This absolutely glorious 'hairpins' case (also found in the old Loose's shop) is going to be just perfect for keeping those pesky kirby grips from attaching themselves to everything I place in my bag when on my travels!
And the box came with two unopened packets of hair pins too...look at that packaging!

My genius Mumma found this stockings case for me and was meant to be saving it for my birthday but was too excited and just couldn't resist giving it to me whilst I was back!

I am just swooning over these acquisitions in all their useful, beautiful, golden-fonted goodness!

Whilst on our family trip to our favourite Norwich shop, my Dad also made a purchase. A pretty phenomenal one at that! I'll give you a hint: it is much more sizeable than my purchases, and a total one off. But more on that later in the week....
Pip pip x


  1. gorgeous, I love the swirly writing too!

  2. Those are all great--I love the hairpin case, how useful!

  3. These are super stylish! *envious* xXx


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