Tuesday, 19 June 2012

On the edge...

...of my bed!

I arrived back to Norwich yesterday for a little break and some family time.

And just look what I found waiting on the end of my bed when I arrived....

I can't wait to cook some 'girdle scones' from the Be-Ro recipe book!

Boy am I a lucky girl!

Pip pip x


  1. Exciting! Hope you enjoy yer break.

  2. Cool! I have several Be-Ro books, it's one of the longest running cook books in the world!

  3. Girdle scones? I've heard of griddle scones but maybe these are really fattening so one needs a girdle at the ready?
    Old cook books are great.

    1. That made me giggle! Maybe indeed...we'll soon find out!

  4. I love the cook's measuring jar and that creepy doll's head on a plaque! I need one of those!

    1. The boy in a top hat is actually one of two the exact same that my dad found somewhere, we kept one each but now he's passed me his one so I have the two. I also have a lady's head on a plaque, bizarre and lovely! x

  5. What a fab stash! Girdle scones sound interesting! Do post once you've made them!! xXx

  6. Oh it's lovely...so cute goodies!
    I also have a blog, so if you want to take a peek and want to follow my page, feel it is a pleasure.


    P.S.Sorry my bad English.

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog post! It's so nice to find other 40's lovers. You are quite the lovely gal, and I am so jealous of these little finds!

    - Vivi Loubelle


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