Friday, 15 June 2012

Spending rainy days in my finest vintage find!

Yes....the *great* British weather strikes again.
Grey skies and lots of rain has been present for the most part since we had that burst of glorious sun a few weeks ago! And such weather can be a pain for a girl who likes vintage- I have an abundance of summer dresses and cardigans, but what do I wear when it's cold and soggy?

Well, I have recently been getting a lot of use out of my very finest vintage find. 

Wait, that's a big claim, I hear you cry! What's so special about it?
Well, price vs. age, vs. condition.
It is most certainly and undoubtedly my biggest vintage bargain....ever!

The item in question was happened upon when, 3 years ago, I decided to pop into a local synagogue's table-top sale to see if there were any bargains to be had. Now, as me and Mr Mike walked in we felt all eyes on us; there was literally no one there except the stall holders (all 4 of them) and their children. We got an overwhelming urge to run but, of course, that would have been rude! So we politely declined offers of kids toys and and baby clothes from eager stall holders as we made our way round the stalls.

...And then we arrived at one that looked promising. It had lots of clothes, neatly folded and priced at 30p each. I happily handed over a whole 60p for a couple of 60's-stye shift dresses; one Naf Naf and one Karen Millen. Result.

But as I turned to leave, something caught my eye. Just next to the table, laid out on a chair, was the most glorious coat I had ever seen! I tugged at Mike's hand and went back for a proper look.
As I picked it up the stall holder told me she had hoped I'd notice it as she wanted it to go to a good home, and that it was in fact a coat her mother had saved up for in the 1930's and treasured ever since!

I tried very hard to contain my excitement, as me and the woman discussed it's history. And then I tentatively asked how much it was....I was a rather penniless student who couldn't afford to spend a fortune on a coat, but I had fallen head over heels for it!
....the woman replied, rather apologetically, that unfortunately due to it's age it was a little bit more expensive. It was a whopping great £1!

Yes, you heard me right, ONE squiddly little pound!

I offered her more for it, but she wouldn't take it. In the end she let me donate her an additional pound but that was all, claiming that all she really wanted was for it to go to a good home.

The coat in question looks like this:

Look at the wonderful black velvet cuffs and collar, embroidered with rich yellow thread. 
It unfortunately doesn't do up over my *ahem* front....but I have plans for that!
The coat has the most phenomenal weight to it which gives the skirt a swing that is to die for.

Just out of sight are these boots, which are perfect for splashing around in.
Boots: Clarks via ebay, lined by me- you can see how here.

 And to keep my wrists from catching a chill (is that possible? I'm sure it is!), I wear these beautiful gauntlet gloves knitted for me by Iwona Jenner...psst, she takes orders, if anyone's interested!

What is your biggest ever vintage bargain?
And just what do you wear to keep you warm when the weather's this drab?

Pip pip xx


  1. I just can't top your vintage bargain - I got a 70's dashiki for free on ebay as it had a hole when it arrived, but as I was willing to pay £13 for it, that doesn't really count! What a steal - I must have a look and see when the Synagogue near us is having a table sale if that's the calibre of stuff you find! Great blog post!

  2. A gorgeous, swishy 30s coat for ONE! POUND!!!!!! That must be the vintage bargain of the century!
    Just in love those fur lined wedges too, you really are so clever!! :)

  3. When - IF - i recover from the fact that you got that coat for £2, I shall let you know my bargains. I am too agog to think straight.

  4. If someone offered me this kind of coat for something close to a pound I´d pay, start giggling and would never ever stop again. What a bargain!!

  5. I think you were robbed…. (I am now choking!)
    That is certainly the best buy EVER! I couldn’t possibly top that- I did buy a pair of utility gold dance shoes for a fiver- which sounds horrendous money compared to your gorgeous coat, but inside I felt extra happy because the stall holder labelled them as 1970’s- alas they are too big for me, but simply grand for my collection!

    T x

    1. Ooooh, those EXTORTIONATE *ahem* utility shoes sound glorious! x

  6. !!!
    It's beautiful. Also, cheap is beautiful...

  7. Ooh that coat is divine!! What a special story! I remember your boot tutorial and definitely want to try and recreate that myself this winter if I can stumble across the perfect pair for it. Goodness knows you can never have enough boots in Chicago in winter.

    1. If you do get around to lining some boots of your own, do share! I'd love to see how it goes for you :) There's nothing worse than chilly toes! xx

  8. That coat is simply stunning! My best ever vintage find was actually a gift from my Mum- her 1960s gold leather winkle pickers which are completely covered in seed pearls. Oh and a 1930s wedding dress I found at the back of a jumble shop many moons ago for around £3.
    Love the bootees too- clever! xXx

    1. The 1930's wedding dress is a phenomenal bargain!! x

  9. Oh. My. LORD!!! You lucky girl! It has gone to a good home indeed x#

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  10. What a lovely coat, so pleased it went to a good home :) x


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