Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sew What?: Doggy bandana!

Today I bring you photos of a very cute dog!

My mum/step-dad/sister have flown off abroad for a 3 week holiday, leaving their lovely pooch in our care. She arrived on Friday and I am absolutely LOVING having a dog to keep me company!

Before her walk yesterday, I popped a bandana of mine round her neck because, let's face it, who doesn't love a dog in a bandana?

Tired pup after a very long, soggy and muddy walk!

She got lots of compliments on her little scarf whilst we were out, so when we got back I decided to make her one of her very own!

I dug out some fabric from my stash and set to work!

20 minutes later, she was sporting her new accessory with pride....

 Kitty the lurcher is modelling her very own I'll Be Darned! reversible floral/gingham doggy bandana.

I think she looks rather beautiful, don't you?

If you have a pooch in need of a custom made doggy bandana then do get in touch!

Pip pip xx


  1. haha... I love a dog in a bandana! However I think her face in the last picture is saying... 'please let my family come home soon'!!! x

  2. She does look cute! I will try one on my puppy - she comes to work with me each day. Good luck for your new business, hope it goes well. xx

  3. She's gorgeous, I love the way they're all legs when they lie down. I do love a doggy bandana x

  4. What a beautiful pooch! I didn't think you could improve on perfection but her bandanna looks fantastic. x


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