Friday, 27 July 2012

We're all going on a summer holiday....a very short one!

So the sun has FINALLY shown its face, and my what a pretty face it is too!

As we have no plans/funds to take a summer holiday, and as me and Mr Mike have been able to share some days at home, yesterday we grabbed the opportunity and hopped into my parents car (being loaned to us whilst they holiday abroad) and took ourselves off on an adventure to Southend!

We put on our sunglasses, lathered ourselves in sun cream, and off we went.

It's not often I get to get out of London, but I relish the time I do get to escape the big city for some sand/sea/country drives. Mmmm, fresh air!

When we arrived, it was incredibly busy, with plenty of people wearing FAR too little clothing, and who were mostly a leathery, lobstery sort of colour! The sea was filled with people swimming, but alas Southend council have a no dogs on beaches rule for the summer season so we could not join them ourselves. Nor could we go on the incredibly long pier, again because there is a no dogs rule. Bah! So we looked out at the pier, and all the swimmers splashing about, and took ourselves off for some good old-fashioned seaside fish and chips...

Then we went on a long wander back along the seafront and to the car. We hopped in and set off for a quieter part of the beach (hoping we'd find a non dog-free part). We parked up at Leigh-on-Sea on a hill overlooking the marina with a wonderful view, and wandered down towards the water. 

On our excursion I wore...
Green chiffon headscarf: charity shop.
Fifties sunglasses and swimsuit: vintage fair.
Coral button-up skirt: New Look.
Hawaiian print slip on shoes: Primark.

When we reached the marina, we found it was also a dog-free zone. So we perched up on a wall by the sea and I clambered down onto the beach for a paddle! I had decided I couldn't possibly go to the seaside without going in the sea at least a tad. Bliss!

I then grabbed an ice cream from a water-side cafe (it had to be done), and off we strolled back up to the car. We proceeded to sing along to Radio One at the top of our lungs all the way home...which I suppose could explain some of the funny looks we were getting!

Me oh my, what a lovely adventure that was!

Have you been able to get out and enjoy this lovely weather dear readers?

Pip pip xx


  1. Shame about not finding a doggy beach... Old Leigh is dog friendly (I have been soaked by a shaking dog many a time there, I don't know why they always pick me).

  2. ice cream - check, fish and chips - check, paddle in the sea - check sounds like a perfect summer day out! I love the lime creen and the coral together

  3. Looks like the perfect day out... :) x

  4. I love your headscarf! =)

  5. What a fine threesome you made! You all look gorgeous and a trip to the English seaside is so much fun. What a shame about the summer no-dogs! x

  6. They don't call it sunny southend for nothing. ;)
    Its much more fun in the winter though..without the tourists. You can play games like trying to walk down the pier in driving wind and rain without falling over. lol


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