Thursday, 9 December 2010

Adventures and sleeps!


This excites me. Hugely.
I have been so excited about Christmas now for months....and suddenly it's nearly here!
Yesterday me and my dear chum Matthew went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Now Matthew is my friend from work and Christmas partner-in-crime; we have been encouraging each other's Christmas excitement for months (we went to see the Selfridges Christmas department in September, and I bought him a grow-your-own Christmas tree back then too). We wandered up to Winter Wonderland after work, passing by the Oxford Street Christmas windows and gazing at all the Christmas lights.

As we approached the wonderland itself we got ever so excited! We bought some mulled wine as soon as we arrived, which kept us warm as we wandered around the stalls and rides and talked about all things Christmas.

I met this lion. He was wrapped up all warm in a rather fetching jacket.

I also met this tree, but he was a bit strange, and grumpy about being all lonely and naked.

This Santa imposter lady-doll-thing was both scary and funny in equal measures. 
The cackling laugh began to make me laugh hysterically.

I particularly wanted to go on this London bus fairground ride...but Matthew pointed out it was for children.

I arrived home to my flat to find my parcel of mixed vintage and non-vintage Christmas decorations that my parents had sent me and Mr Mike had gone to collect from the depot where they were being held hostage!

So I proceeded to watch Kirstie and Phil's Perfect Christmas and listen to Christmas songs by the likes of Elvis, Billie Holiday and The Andrews Sisters...and decorate the flat! My tree now looks much better than it did before and I even altered a doll for the top of the tree! Pictures of my Christmas decorating to follow...
I also got a special Christmas foods delivery from my Grandad Abdullah (via my Mumma)...this included two bottles of mulled wine, a cheese platter and crackers, and Christmas cake slices! Amazing!

I do hope everyone else is feeling festive!
Pip pip xx


  1. I'm getting there with the festive feeling. I need to get my birthday out of the way 1st and then its no holds barred!

  2. Ohhhh exciting! When's the birthday? TWO exciting events in December? What a month!
    I hope you have at least got your tree up? x


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