Monday, 6 December 2010


Well, Christmas is fast approaching....and I can't tell you just how excited I am!
I LOVE Christmas!
I have been getting into the Christmas spirit for a while now (shamefully, me and my chum Matthew went to look at Selfridges Christmas department in September! We have been getting excited since then), and yesterday I finally got my tree put up:

Now, I'm not going to rave about it or post a load of pictures just yet, as I am awating a delivery of vintage decorations courtesy of family Johnson; my local post depot is holding them hostage and their silly opening times mean I cannot get them until Wednesday. In the meantime I put a few decorations on it, as I just couldn't wait anymore to get the tree up! It is currently dotted with exciting red berry lights, and decorated with two baubles, some candy canes, a feathery bird decoration, a fifties plastic bird air-freshner thing, and some tartan ribbon! Improvisation skills.

I have now finished all my Christmas shopping; I've technically been done for ages but just keep finding little things I have felt inclined to buy for people! I have started the wrapping of said presents and it is all very exciting indeed! As an avid crafter on such occasions, this year, as I used to do when I was younger, I have been printing my own wrapping paper. So, armed with brown paper, a traditional style Santa (you know, like a nice proper Santa where he should really only be referred to as Saint Nick for fear of offending him) rubber stamp, letter stamps, ink pads, tartan ribbon, candycanes and bells, I have set to work....

Now Wednesday is a day I am very excited about....because I am going to feel very Christmassy indeed! I am exchanging cards with Matthew at work, then after work am going to trundle along to my post depot and retrieve my Christmas decoration parcel and redecorate my tree, and then I shall be awaiting a Christmas treat-food delivery courtesy of  Grandad Abdullah (via Mumma). This is exciting. I have no idea what to expect except for, of course, mince pies! It is all a fantastic Christmassy surprise.

Pip Pip!  xx

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