Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ten things...

Hello lovely readers!

My oh my, it's nearly Christmas! Can you believe it? This last week has been sooooo incredibly busy that I am absolutely exhausted! I have a big ol' list of things I need to do before I go home to see my fam for Christmas, but I just can't bring myself to do any of them when I get in after work, so instead, having exhausted my efforts doing my Christmas cards, I am in bed and fighting back the zzz's to catch up on the land of the blogs...

My friend over at My Spare Time Retreat did an nice little post of ten interesting things about her life other than her Gyaru interests.

Here are ten things about me that you may or may not know:


I have an obsession with vintage suitcases and other such cases. I just love them. There's something about the history of a well worn, well travelled case. I have a lot of different battered cases, with different names written inside, and lined in tatty papers. I also have a most fabulous set of cream 1940's Samsonite suitcases in near perfect condition! 


I am a Visual Merchandiser for Topman! I have a bit of an obsession with Topman collections such as LTD and their collaborations as well as their smart department product (especially this season with their beautiful Harris Tweed collection).


I have a degree in Fashion Design, from which I graduated in June. I specialised in menswear for my second and third years an above is an outfit from my pre-collection. It still amazes me that I actually made it!


My maternal Grandad is Indian...well, born in Burma (now Mayanmar) but his family were from India originally. My Mumma's maiden name was Sulaiman, which I have always been jealous of not getting to have myself! This is a very old photo of my Grandad, my Mumma and her siblings (Grandad on the far left, Mum is bottom right)!


I have 3(!) middle names.
My full name is Rosie Alia Epithany Arran Johnson. Indian name and the name of my Auntie.
Epithany...from Silas Marner which used to be my Mumma's favourite film (it should be spelt Epiphany, but my silly Daddy spelt it wrong on my birth certificate, oops!). in the Scottish Isle of Arran (not the boys name Aaron, as people often ask) which is where my Mumma and Dad went on honeymoon when they were pregnant with me!


I love typewriters. I own three currently. And I like to use them much more than I like to use a computer keyboard...I'm trying to pressure Mr Mike into trying to make me a modified typewriter computer keyboard (It apparently can be done, he found it on a website somewhere). My dream is to have a modified laptop integrated into a suitcase or some such beautiful exterior casing!


I love making things, especially for presents! I enjoy making someone I love a thoughtful homemade and personal present...but then so do my Mum and Step-Mum, so I guess I've been influenced by the wonderful presents I have recieved over the years.


I have a lot of name-shares and name-coincidences in my family.

My name is Rosie (Johnson). My Step-Mum's name is also Rosie (Johnson too, because she is married to my Dad). 
Alia is my middle name and also my auntie's name. 
Ian is my Dad, Step-Dad and even Mr Mike's Dad's name.
There is also several family members on my maternal side who share names (aunties, uncles and cousins).
This all tends to confuse people rather a lot!

I am inquisitive....and generally a little bit confused!
I am very easily confused, as it seems that a lot of information just seems to immediately fall out of my head, instead of staying in it and getting filed away under "may come in handy" or "need to know". I don't really know why this is, but Mr Mike spends a lot of time laughing at my questions/cluelessness and saying "are you being serious?".
Oh dearie me!
I like to think that maybe it's slightly endearing? Ha ha!


My favourite thing at the Wellcome Collection is the glass case of old artificial limbs. I think they are beautiful things and I did a couple of projects in uni where research was taken from studying these! I adore the system of pulleys and levers some have, the lacing of old wood and leather ones and the shiny metal ones still made to look like real limbs. For some reason they really amaze me!

I must sleep now, as I'm literally falling asleep on my laptop.
Why not do this post yourself, it would be nice to know more about you all!

Pip pi....zzzzzz

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