Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas! again....

Well hello chaps and chapettes!
I do hope you are all swell. I am FINALLY getting around to posting a few photos of my Christmas tree! Hurrah!

Now of late, aside from work, my life has mainly been all things Christmas. I have been popping out to get more presents/things for decorating presents...even though I swore I was done Christmas shopping ages ago. It's just too much fun making/buying/wrapping presents! I also, not happy with the amount of Christmas decorations in our nest, have bought more decs and put them up to make it feel really Christmassy in here.
Magic Mike the robot, and Mrs Squirrel are very happy on their freshly decorated shelf now! 

Here are some tree photos showing off my most favouritest decorations upon it...

What do you think? I adore it, all my lovely odd decorations look ever so pretty, and with my red berry lights too! Oh, I just can't stop looking at it. 
And this lady here sits atop my tree...

She is a doll that was handmade for me, to which I added the hat, felt dress and festive ribbon belt.

I also made some Christmas decorations of my own the other night, whilst watching tv and in need of something crafty to do. I used scraps of green felt, some leftover ribbon I seem to have been hoarding, and some buttons left over from my graduate collection to create little hanging holly decs. Perfect to attatch to some of my presents, and one for me for my tree, of course!

 Now my tree is happy, with all the presents sitting underneath him...

Pip pip!

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