Saturday, 23 April 2011

Home sweet home...

Well hello there lovely people!

I do hope you are all having a lovely easter weekend! I took the rare opportunity for a few days off to come home and have some lovely easter family and friend times.

Last night my dear friend Jo stayed over and this morning we woke up to this event going on in the garden...

This is apparently world war II, according to my dad who was very excited about his new garden soldiers!

We then set off for the Antiques and Collectors Fair at the Royal Norfolk Showground, where we had bacon sarnies, met some nice people, and bought plenty! I'm yet to get some photos as most of the purchases are out in the car at present.
But, I adopted a new piece of taxidermy from the fair, and am looking to name him. He is already like a child to me, so of course I need to name him as soon as possible!

Any ideas?

This is what I wore today, for visiting the fair and having an adventure.

TU dress: £1, carboot.
1940's bolero: £1.30 (+£2.50 p+p), ebay.
Hush Puppies sandals: 50p, carboot.
Macrame bag: £7.50, vintage/antiques shop.

And I'll leave you with a picture of me and my chum in front of her amazingly pink  house!

Pip pip! xx

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