Friday, 29 April 2011

Red, white and blue.

Now, I've no particular opinion on the royal family- not a hater, nor a lover! It's part of our history, so who am I to argue with such long-standing traditions! And anyway, they have given the country the chance for a right royal knees up.
Unfortunately I had to go to work today (thats right, no bank holiday closure for us), which is a shame because I quite fancied a bit of a knees up myself! So instead, I gave a nod to the wedding with my outfit's colour scheme and detailing, and off I trotted to work at 6.30am this morning...accompanied on the tube by early-rising revellers with flags and picnics (I was quite jealous)!

.....don't worry, we snuck off on our break to see Kate arriving at the church, and coincided our lunch break with 'the kiss'!

Some details from my day...
My 1953 coronation commemorative flag: £5 from a carboot. Pimms in my 1973 silver jubilee commemorative glass: a gift from my step-mum. The pattern of my blue floral dress. My red cardigan. My 1953 coronation commemorative brooch: gift from my aunt. Red and white flowers in my hair.

And I say I'm not into the royals, with my memorabilia, eh? It seems I just can't help myself....the imagery on vintage royal memorabilia is just wonderful, don't you think? 

I do hope you all had a wonderful day of festivities/fun/time off work!

Pip pip xx


  1. I watched it in my pjs, having especially got the day off, loser haha! I'm kinda the same tho, not mega fussed on royals in general, just love a good wedding and was dying to see the dress! :)

  2. What a wonderful round-up of memorabilia! Like you I'm not really bothered by the Windsore but do like the kitschness of the souvenirs. xxx

  3. Very jealous of your Coronation flag! x

  4. Love your brooch... I bet you looked great on the tube! Our shop was open & it was touch & go for getting the day off, I had to work all over Easter for it :(

  5. Oh yes, the dress was wonderful!
    I was well chuffed with my coronation flag when I found it at the carboot, well worth it's moneys!
    I did the same thing, but the other way round...I worked this bank holiday/royal wedding weekend so that I could get Easter off! Xx


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