Sunday, 5 June 2011

A day of adventuring.

My, oh my! Wasn't it a lovely day today?

Me and Mr Mike attended the North London Vintage Market in Crouch End, then had a picnic in Ally Pally, then got the bus to Stoke Newington for drinks, then headed home and got a takeaway and watched a film. Glorious!
What did you lovely ladies do today?

This is the second time I've been to the North London Vintage Market, and it was again great. Mr Mike came with me, dragging his heels and pulling a forlorn face as though it was a form of torture. Poor neglected chap! I bought a couple of presents for birthdays, and I bought myself this...

A badge with my initials on....
RA, for Rosie Alia!
It was £2 but I simply couldn't not get it.

And this is what I wore:

You can't see too much of my dress as I am being a'swept by the wind on Ally Pally hill!
40's style floral dress: ebay, £6.26 incl postage.
YSL leather belt: charity shop.
Satchel: The Leather Satchel Company.
50's sunglasses: vintage fair.
Stylefit sandals: carboot.

Have a great sunday darlings,
Pip pip! xx


  1. The badge is great! A must-buy!

    It was bright and breezy yesterday- my skirt was flapping round like mad too!

  2. The badge was a tremendous find. That dress fits you beautifully, too. xxx

  3. I still haven't been, I must try and get along some time soon x

  4. Margarent...It's certainly worth a look if you ever are about, crouch end in itself is lovely. If you do go, you should drop in to 'The Haberdashery'for a drink and a cake. It's glorious!

    Perdita...Haha, I seem to be in an almost constant state of holding my dress down against blustery breezes!

    Thanks Vix, I am pretty please with the dress. A good ebay find! xx


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