Sunday, 28 August 2011

Meet some chums of mine...

I am in the process of trying to clear out, clean up and pack up my life to move it into my new flat.

During this process I am unlikely to have time for proper, descriptive posts. So I thought that in the meantime, I might introduce you, darling readers, to some of my friends as I pack them away to leave for their new home.

So here's the first two...

Gentleman Bunny and Lucy.

Gentleman  Bunny is made of tweed, has a moustache, monocle and bow tie, and even carries a newspaper in his right paw. He was made for me by my lovely chum Leanne for my 22nd birthday.

To his right is Lucy, a doll from the 1940's that my wonderful mumma gave me for christmas a couple of years ago. She has a plastic face, matted hair, stuffed fabric body and is wearing a blue linen waistcoat/skirt suit.

"Pip pip" they cry! xx


  1. Haha I just love those! How exciting for you to be moving to a new flat soon xx

  2. No wonder you are going to change his apartment so happy with this good company .... Happy moving!

  3. I love this :) your a lovely chum who deserves gentleman bunny <3 Leanne xxx

  4. Gentleman Bunny looks so sweet!


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