Friday, 12 August 2011

Sailing on the broads!

That's right.... I sailed a boat!

Well, sort of.

I am currently nearing the end of a lovely week spent at home in Norwich seeing friends and fam.

On wednesday me and my chums went out to the broads and joined a lovely group of people on a boat where we spent time sailing, playing games, picnicing and drinking!

We slept on a boat that had been bought in the 70's, and was a bit rickety but totally lovely! In total there was 16 of us sleeping on it, and it has bunks all the way round 3 walls of the inside, and a little kitchen area. It has permanent moorings out by some fields of horses and  a little village.

Please forgive me for a lack of decent photos...I was a bit apprehensive as phones + boats + water = risky. Especially when Rosie is involved! So my phone (which is also my camera) spent most of the time in my bag on the main boat preserving its battery.

During the day we split off from the main boat in groups on sailing boats and a row boat.

I can now say that I have been sailing in a proper sailing boat. And I can also say that it was absolutely terrifying. I didn't know I was quite so wimpy!

Every time the wind settled down and we got a good speed up, there would be one almighty gust and we would almost capsize! I loved it...but it was also bloomin' scary.

Here are the few pictures I captured of our adventure....

 This is what I wore to the boat:

If you look really carefully you can see it has yachts, men in rowing boats and hula girls!

Needless to say I was suitably innapropriate in my clothes, so I must admit that I had to resort to wearing a grey jersey jumpsuit, that I had borrowed as pyjamas, whilst sailing... not my finest hour!

And no, I'm afraid I don't have any photos of this! Haha.
(If you're lucky, I might be able to track some down for one of my pals and add them at a later date!)

Pip pip xx


  1. Good grief, that is one gorgeous dress. Who cares if it's unsuitable - it's a stunner. I'm a big fun of Norfolk and its broads. Have a great weekend. xx

  2. I've never been to Norfolk, would really like to though, looks lovely. And fab frock!

  3. OOh, we've always wanted to go on the broads. It looks fab.

  4. I love the Broads. So serene and peaceful. And i love dressing impractically :)

  5. The broads really are lovely! I really love boats, and the beautiful countryside.

    And of course, I'm sure we can all be quite good at dressing impractically now and then...or all the time?
    I just couldnt resist wearing this dress. It hadn't had a blog outing yet, though I've had it for a few months. A 1940's dress bought in Brighton!



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