Thursday, 25 November 2010

And another thing...

You can tell I'm bored right?
Just thought I'd take the opportunity to show off some recent purchases of mine!
My most recent visit to my most local charity shop was very successful...

 Checked scarf, YSL belt, cat brooch.

Vintage green hand-knit jumper.

Blue rayon 1940's dress, diamante brooch.

Now, the dress was from ebay, original 1940's. It has sun-discolouration on the shoulders which is a shame, but it is a beautiful dress.
The other things were from the charity shop and a total bargain. The scarf is much needed now the weather is beginning to take a turn for deepest winter, and what with my extremely early weekday mornings. The Yves Saint Laurent belt is a lovely dark brown leather waist belt, which was only £1.50. Someone has punched a few extra (and not very well done) holes in it, but still a lovely belt! The cat brooch is fluffy. Isn't it just darling? I couldn't resist it. And the diamante brooch was just what I'd envisaged to put on the ebay dress, so pretty perfect, and very old.
The vintage jumper is my favourite buy though! It is bottle green, and hand knitted, and was a total bargain at £4. It is just what i wanted for the wintery months ahead. I think I might try teaming it with my wide-legged, high waisted tweedy check trousers and a headscarf or hair snood for a slightly land girl look. I might even make some felt holly berries and leaves on a brooch to pin onto it for christmas! It would look ever so cute with a nice skirt.

Anyway, I shall stop boring you and try and find something else to do now to while away the hours!
Pip pip x


  1. Have to agree that the jumper is my favourite too. Yes! Do make a holly berry brooch for it :) And be sure to post a pic!

  2. Isn't it fab? So pleased I found it for such a bargain price. I will indeed! I need to go out and purchase some felt so I can do so, I also want to make myself a christmassy fascinator! x


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