Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's the small things in life!

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"
-William Morris

Now I like even the things that are useful to be beautiful too where possible! And I was on the hunt for a new diary for work *YAWN* (yes, this post is about my work diary! Oh, the glamorous life of a visual merchandiser, eh?)

Anyway, I hunted the shops after work for the perfect one, but alas the lovely brown leather one with the gold edged pages was teeny tiny, and thus not meant to be. So, instead I bought a bright, bold patterned one, and pimped it up, a la craft.

That's right folks, Tim Westwood wishes he could present this episode of "Pimp My Diary"...

From this.....
 To this....

After a lot of hand sewing, red and blue felt and dusky pink vintage lace, my diary now looks a lot more wonderful than when he started his life. He's a bit wonky but I like him like that. And now he's even got a little pen holder on his spine!  Glorious.

Pip pip xx


  1. I love fabric covered note books and diaries. I think it's the texture and contrast of cloth and paper. Yours is so pretty!

  2. Love it, well done :) Didn't know you were a VM.... where do you work?

  3. Loved your pimped diary, well done :o) Scarlett x

  4. SCHER-WOOOOOON!!!! I love this idea. I am a diarist and they are all uber boring! I need to buck up my ideas!

  5. (boring as in the covers - and quite possibly to contents!)

  6. Super pimp job! I love it and it's all the better for being slightly wonky donkey. xxx

  7. Thanks gals, I am pretty proud of my wonky wee diary :) It started off being blue, then I thought I'd add a strip of red, then I just got carried away. But I'm glad I did. I ditched a night out for this...oh, what an exciting life I lead! Tee hee.

    And Josie-Mary: I'm a VM for the Topman at Oxford Circus. Are you one tooo my dear?

    Charly: You should cover yours, we can have a diary-off. Or they can be chums. Either or! ha!

    Much love to you all xx

  8. Ah I used to be a menswear and kids VM, much preferred it to womanswear funnily enough. Love this cover, I have a diary from the same range and the choices were really rubbish this year, wishing I'd thought to do this! :)

  9. Oh awesome! Yeah I've never really done proper VMing for womenswear, but I'm much more interested in modern menswear than I am modern womenswear! I did a degree in fashion design and I chose to specialise in menswear!


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