Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A jolly good sale spot...

Today, after a tough day at work, I thought I'd pop into New Look to look at pretty hair flowers....but I emerged with a couple of sale purchases, one of which I thought some of you forties-loving ladies might like to know about whilst it's still in stock!

I picked up this lovely button-through linen skirt, for only £9! (Reduced from £27.99). What a steal. The skirt is a soft A-line shape, and because it's linen it is going to be delicious for hot summer days when most of my clothes are a bit too hot and stuffy. Tis a lovely burnt red colour and look at the pocket detail! I might add some trimming to the pockets and change the buttons at some point, y'know, just for fun!

Mmmm, one step closer to my perfect 40's summer wardrobe dream ^
(sorry, picture source unknown, though do let me know if you come across it)

I know there has been a lot of furore about ladies who don't wear exclusively vintage pieces not being "proper" vintage enthusiasts...but stuff 'em! If you know what you like, you can find some great pieces from the high street that can work perfectly in a vintage enthusiasts wardrobe! And when there's a sale can most certainly be worth a little look!

Have you girls found any great vintage-inspired high street buys recently?

Pip pip xx


  1. Oh gosh all this stuff about you can only wear the real thing is ridiculous. I mean I get as excited as anyone about a genuine bit of vintage loveliness, but not everyone has the time, figure, money or inclination to wear it all the time. I have 2 small boys and no desire to be handwashing my clothes and being overly precious about them all the time.

    Thanks for the follow, I've only just tracked yours down as I couldn't find it from your profile.

  2. I love it, you're right it's totally Forties in style and shape, a great colour and linen to boot!
    I can't understand this snobbery, my friends wear all sorts of stuff, I like them because of who they are not, what they dress in.
    I'm lucky as I'm a 1970's shape which means I have no trouble finding stuff to fit and most of the gear was synthetic,indestructable and not to most people's taste so plentiful, cheap easy care and in pristine condition. x

  3. Being a thrifter rather than a vintage 'purist', most of my stuff is modern-second-hand (or sale) and the only reason it all looks 60s/70s is that's a style I like.

    Thrifter doesn't sound as cool as 'vintage', does it? But in a way i like that as there's no pressure: if I found an ultra-modern FCUK minimalist dress I liked I could wear it, provided it was in my budget and would last, even though I tend toward retro styles.

  4. Top trump find!!!! Bet you look a doll in it all dolled up with your sunnies on!

  5. Nice little find and what a great price!

  6. Don't buy flowers from New Look, they only break and fray, buy from me instead! ;)

    Lovely skirt, can't beat that price. Well done!


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