Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A jolly holiday to Windsor.

Yes, recently me and Mr Mike took a wee holiday to Windsor...only a short holday, one night in the Travelodge, but a holiday none the less!

We have funny schedule between us, so although we live together, its hard to really do anything together. So I decided I wanted to take an adventure as we had a couple of days off together. We chose Windsor as it isn't too expensive to get to, I already knew my way around having visited with my mum and aunts before and it is a really pretty city!

We set foot off the train to find this....

Glorious union jack bunting! There was loads, everywhere!

And there were a lot of vintage cars from different eras parked up just round the shopping arcade. 
And some lovely swing music playing.

 As you can see, I was ever so excited by this greeting!
Cardi: charity shop.
Japanese yellow floral chiffon blouse: carboot.
1940's checked skirt: carboot, £1.

And look at these lovely chaps in their uniforms.

This was the view from our room...thats the 'Windsor Eye' you can see. That's right, Windsor has its own eye! You best believe it baby.

Then we went to a great pub that overlooks 'The  Crooked House' tea shop, and gorged out on an amazing meal.

 Sausages and mash, with gravy and a stack of onion rings! Swished down with a bottle of Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider. Scrum-diddly-umptious!

After a nice stroll around Windsor, we headed to M&S, bought the above feasticle, and headed back to our room to watch films all evening.

I had TWO baths in this lovely blue tub. One right before bed, and one as soon as I woke up.
Since I did my back in once and for all, I have been partial to a good bath! 
But not having one in my flat, it was well worth the £23.50 just for the bath.
What a treat!

The next morning, we had our breakfast overlooking the castle...and an unsightly CCTV camera.
Then off we trotted for a walk down by the river and a sit in a park. 

The swan invasion scared me quite a bit!
"What if they eat us?" I exclaimed as Mr Mike waved his hands near their heads! I didn't hang around too long.

I loved this sign we happened upon on the side of an old bridge. 
Some silly sod had only gone and done graffiti on it though.
I hope he got his £5 penalty!

We had an ice cream, played in a maze, and bought a beautiful souvenir teatowel!
I've decided I might try to pick up one of these whenever we go on little holidays to different places.

All in all a lovely time was had and I recommend it if you are wishing for a wee escape from the big smoky city and an adventure!

Sorry this post is so picture heavy, and I hope you haven't fallen asleep!

Pip pip xx


  1. This sounds like a lovely little break!!

  2. What a fab break, looks like the sun shined for you, too. xxx

  3. Looks like a perfect break! Scarlett x

  4. Sounds like you had a fab weekend and I really love your outfit! I know what you mean about the bath, we don't have one in my place either so when we go away I get very upset if theres not a tub to luxuriate in!


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