Monday, 14 February 2011

A (1946) vintage valentine!

Yes it's that odd day, where we are forced to make meaningful and extra-special plans and pressure is put on to have a romantic time!
But whether you love it or loathe it, you can't deny the fabulousness of this vintage valentines card! Printed in 1946, by Barker, Cincinnati, USA. I fell head-over-heels for it on ebay, unused and everything. So Mr Mike was lucky enough to recieve my dream card for V day. I'm going to frame it and admire it. The dog's lead on the front is real string! So darling!

On saturday after my vintage adventure, I got my apron on and made a batch of valentines shortbread.

Of course we scoffled it all almost immediately!

 Mr Mike enjoys my forays into baking!

I might even post the recipe up at some point, if anyone is interested! It's very easy, and makes for super scrumptious shortbread!
I also thought you ladies may enjoy this cider I found....

 Isn't she fab!

And just thought I'd share what I wore out to a meal on Sunday:

Dress: made by me.
1953 Coronation carriage brooch: gift from my aunt.
Vintage 1930's cardigan, gift.
Belt: charity shop.
Teamed with my Clarks suede heels.

Better dash, I'm starting work at 6am tomorrow...sigh!

Pip pip xxx


  1. What a handsome couple you make! That card's divine and I'd love a recipe for shortbread, Jon's a demon for it. xxx

  2. Just lovely Rosie, it seems that you had a fab time :))) xxx

  3. Love the card! I saw that cider too, great isn't it :)

  4. Fab card and great baking!

    Shirl x

  5. Oh thanks lovely ladies!
    Mr Mike is a little handsome! Don't know about me though, haha!
    I will be sure to share the recipe in a post soon!


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