Sunday, 20 February 2011

Family, charity shops and bowling...

Hello all!

How the devil are you? This weekend has been very busy...and lovely! My mumma and little sister came to stay with me last night. They are having a big London adventure as it's half term for my sister.

Yesterday I met them off their train at Kings Cross, we popped back and dropped their stuff off at mine, then we went off up the road to crouch end. My mumma used to live here when she moved to London from Edinburgh when she was younger. Thing is, we didn't get very far, due to the distraction of good charity shops (you can see where I get it from). We bought some lovely things though!
Then after the shops closed, we met up with some family friends and went for a most delicious dinner! Fettucine with ham and asparagus in a garlic and olive oil sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. YUM.

You can't see that well in this picture but my sister and mum asked me to do victory rolls in their hair for the day, so here is my little land girl sister in her mum-made knitted coat.

This morning me, mum and my sister started the day with a healthy breakfast in bed of sweets, crisps and chocolate, before going out to see another family friend. Then we met up with my aunt and cousin and...we all went bowling!

I got this fab old printed cotton dress from the charity shop mum thought I shouldn't buy it. She says it's a 'Dot Cotton' dress, though I fail to see how this is a bad thing! 
I often have Dot Cotton clothes envy.
Dress: charity shop, £6.

Bowling shoes!

Aren't these record cases fab? I already owned the small 7" one (my Dad bought it for me from a carboot a couple of years ago, and today when we visited one of our family friends she dug out this bigger 12" version for me that she has had in her house....they are the exact same! So pleased!

She also gave me these crying kewpie baby salt & pepper shakers. Slightly odd, but I love them! They are marked 'foreign' so pretty old, though I'm not sure exactly how old. What do you ladies think about kewpies? I simply love them and their pointy heads and cute individual characters.

Oh poor bubbas!

Pip pip! xx


  1. Love your sisters hair & your dress is a bargain.
    Not sure about the kewpie, they freak me out a bit!!! :)

  2. I love you and your little sister's hair, you both look fantastic. I'm more than a little envious of your record boxes, too.
    I love Kewpies, I have a ceramic one with "Don't forget the pill" on it, a crazy contraceptive reminder. xxx

  3. Your little sis is so cute! Those baby shakers are a bit frightening! x

  4. Aw, you are both so cute. And I love the Dot Cotton dress x

  5. I love the Dot Cotton dress! You look fab. Crouch End huh? Gonna check it out, thank you :)

  6. Oh no Lady Cherry....don't steal all my bargains in waiting! Tee hee. But do share if you get anything fab!
    And wow Vintage Vixen, that kewpie pill box sounds brilliantly wierd!

  7. Ooh love your gifts! You and your sister are v cute - I have a 10 year old cousin who lives in tracksuits and leggings, I despair for her! :)

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