Sunday, 13 February 2011

Crouch end adventures and vintage finds!

Hello lovely blogland.
How have your weekends been?

This is what I wore for my saturday adventure:

 White snood: ebay.
1940's dress: ebay.
1940's jacket: ebay.
YSL belt: charity shop.
Art deco brooch: charity shop.

Yesterday I took a trip up to crouch end in search of some bargains, and it was such a lovely sunny day that I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. I was on the phone to my mother making plans for her visit next weekend, and as such I got distracted and walked totally the wrong way in search of the North London Vintage Market! But I found it eventually (after about an hours walk!) and perused the stalls in search of some bargains. It was in a church hall, lots of little stalls set up and lots of people milling around- twas pretty busy! It mostly seemed to be little housey things I already had, a few bits of lovely clothes I couldn't afford (like some 1930's silk high-waisted knickers) or slightly overpriced items. But I did snag myself some lovely things...

Vintage (1950's?) 'St Michael' apron, £2.

 Sewing basket, £5.

Edwardian shoe pinushion, £7.

I was on the phone to my mumma when I saw the pincushion and told her about it (as she had bought me one of these for my birthday) and when I mentioned it she decided she wanted one for HER birthday! So I bought it....we will have matching edwardian shoe pinushions! What are the chances!

I then loaded up my sewing basket with my finds and trotted off back into the sun. Now, I was walking to the bus, intending to go straight to the supermarket....but I just couldn't pass the charity shops without peeking in. JUST IN CASE. I just had this feeling. So in I popped, and boy was I glad I did!

A very kitsch pink plastic wall-mounted bathroom unit, £10!!
...and the mirror lifts up to reveal more shelves!

Yes, some may say this is mum did! And Mr Mike's face was a sight when he walked in to find it.... but I love it! And I just couldn't not buy it! I don't even have the space to put this up and use it anywhere yet. But, one day? Hmmm, totally worth the risk.

Country casuals skirt, £3.50.
 It is a loose weave linen-mix with a sort of late 40's/50's feel to it. I think it will come in handy for summer!

When I got home from my adventures, I put on my new apron and made some shortbread too...but more on that tomorrow!

Did you pick up any cute buys this weekend? Or go on any adventures?
Pip pip xx


  1. cool finds! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Love the bathroom unit, we had one like that in the 70's it was green! :)

  3. Love the pinny and the bathroom unit and you look lovely in red!
    Would you believe it? I've got a pair of those pincushions. You, your mum and I can be pincushion triplets! xxx

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Wow, how funny to find that you have two of those pincushions too! They are rather beautiful aren't they? And weighty!
    I love the unit, though my mother thinks it is the worst thing in the world! haha! xxx

  5. OMG! I love the bathroom unit!
    Florence and the Machine has got one almost like your on a cover.

    Really great finds!


  7. Ahhh, thats like mine! Amazing! Thanks for sharing this :) xx


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