Friday, 11 February 2011

The North London Vintage Market...


This is just a quick one as I simply must do the washing up and a bit of a tidy in our flat!

But for all you vintage guys and gals out there, I thought I'd let you know about this event happening tomorrow! I discovered it on facebook, and as it is up the road from me, I am certainly going to be popping along tomorrow to see what it's like!

Tomorrow Saturday 12th,
The North London Vintage Fair, in Crouch End. 10am-5pm.

I do hope this is of interest to you! And you never know, I might even see some of you there!
Pip pip xx


  1. Don't forget to share your finds! I love perusing your purchases. xxx

  2. Wish I lived in London, I would love to go :(

  3. Oh, I hope I find some bargains! I will most certainly share them if I do! xx


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