Monday, 7 February 2011

A fleeting visit to Brighton and some old-lady treasures...


And as it happens, three of my bestest chums from home currently live there, so it's pretty much the dream place to visit!

It was only a fleeting 24 hour trip due to work, but my did we pack a lot in!
We had drinks and dinner. We watched a screening of a bollywood film on massively comfy sofas, drinking g&t's and eating croissants, crisps and chocolate bars. We went into two pubs in town and had many more g&t's. We had chips and ran for buses! We got up late. We went to charity shops. We had turkish pancakes. We had lunch in the lanes. We did more shopping. We had a speedy meal and then we ran for my train back to London (making it by only 30 seconds, phew!).

The three Brighton beauts!

Me and Joanny enjoying the film screening.

Whilst in Brighton I got a load of treasures from the shops there!
Here's a peek at the bits I picked up from a charity shop I went to...

This darling necklace was only £1.

My brown old-lady skirt, also only £1.

Look at the gorgeous pale green knitwear I picked up for £4!

...and a matching sweater for £3?
And oh look....

The same in pale yellow.
Oh my, it's the perfect spring knitwear!

This is possibly the MOST old-lady charity shop swoop I think I have ever made. The lady serving me certainly found this amusing! She said my purchases were very 'me'. I am an old lady!

In the lanes there is a treasure-trove of an indoor fleamarket called 'Snoopers Paradise', which is full of the most wonderful things. You do have to be prepared to sift through piles of unwanted junk at times, and some stuff can be a tad expensive, but everytime I go there I always come away with at least one thing (and longing for lots more). There was a 1950's dressing table with curtained drawers and a glass top that I was pining after for £75. Oh, if only I had the transport!
If you are ever in Brighton, it's certainly worth a look for thrifty ladies/fellow hoarders.

On this visit, I picked up a cute painted wooden hat stand for £8.50.
Just perfect for one of displaying one of my vintage hats.

These gorgeous hair combs are a tortoiseshell effect, with gold running through it.
The tortoiseshell plastic hair flower is a nice alternative to a classic fabric hair flower.
And the gold atomiser with fur...well! Do I need to explain why I just had to have this?
All of the above were from a store called 'Jaffa Hair'.

I also picked up these cord shorts from a cheapy clothes shop for £7.50. I took the turn ups down to give them a longer length and am convinced I can sport a rather land-girl look for summer, teamed with a nice blouse and a pretty headscarf or snood. What do you think ladies?

I love dream is to live there one day!
What do you all think of Brighton?

I do hope you all have had rather lovely weekends my dears.

Pip pip xx


  1. I'm liking the sound of watching Bollywood in such luxury! Your old lady finds made me laugh. They are wonderful and very vintage-y. That hat stand is to die for and the shorts are totally fabulous. xxx

  2. Fabby buys! I love Brighton too, one of my fav seaside places. Great shopping!


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