Sunday, 6 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award for moi?

 Well, it's been a busy week and my internet disappeared for a few days so I've been rather poor with my blogging, but after recieving another wee award nomination, I have finally gotten around to doing this....

The lovely ladies at The Butterfly Balcony, Land Girl 1980, Missy VintageNifty, Thrifty Retro MamaMiss P..., Tea and Crumpets Vintage and Miss B's Daydreams (please drop by their fabulous blogs if you have not already, though I'm sure you all have!) have all nominated me for a stylish blogger award, oh my!  How kind!

So, as is traditional, here are the 7 things about me...

1. I have 4 tattoos. Above is my cotton reel (the photo is from when it had just been done, so please excuse the transferpaper border), done by a very talented family friend for me. She even made the centre of the flower a thoughtful!

2. I have two siblings... my brother is three years younger than me and above is a photo of him, me and my nan, from my grandad's birthday lunch.

I also have a little sister who is 15 years younger than me! She is 8 and has grown up so much every time I see her!

3.  I did an internship with the fabulous menswear designer James Long during my second year at uni, working on his collection for LFW AW09 (see some of my work with him here) and from that, I got the wonderful opportunity to work on some jackets for Take That to wear on their "Circus" tour! I helped hand sew on metallic trimmings and vintage madallions to the silver blazers, and you can the end result above...vaguely!

4. I am a hoarder....massively. I like things, and as a result, I own a lot. I end up with quite a lot of accidental collections of things I like. Such as 3 dressmakers dummies, 3 typewriters, 3 full size sewing machines and 4 vintage mini sewing machines/childs ones, and at least 7 vintage suitcases!

5. I love taxidermy. This is somewhat controversial, I know, but alas, I just cannot help it! My parents have a fantastic collection, all very old and bought from carboots and auctions etc. My step-mum made me this fabulous lady (above) a home- Mrs. Squirrel had a room with wallpaper and a mirror on the wall, and she is wearing a rather fancy feather hat, with pearls and jewelled bracelets on, and a glass of gin unsteady in her hand! I love her, and she is one of the most beautiful things I own! I do hope this doesn't offend anyone, I feel that having old taxidermy that is now often unloved and tatty, is taking something that is old and looking after it and admiring it!

6.  I am a big fan of moustaches! I see it as the most stylish of male facial accessories, and love a good twiddly one. I even did a menswear project for my degree where I designed a collection of clothes with detailing inspired by moustaches!

7. I want a cat. My dad and step-mum have three, and they are lovely. Mouse is my favourite, she is black with white boots and is tiny-sized. I have this vision of me in the future with my own little shop, where I sit and make things and my cat comes with me and she or he would wear little bows and jumpers and would be my companion!

Now, here are some great blogs you should go visit...

Pip pip! xx


  1. Thank you soooo much! I loved reading this and finding out more about you. I love that photo of you and your Nan, you look stunning. xxx

  2. I don't have a problem with taxidermy at all, Mrs Squirrel is fabulous. I desperately want a cat too, I always used to have cats in my life but it is hard when you live in a small flat in London x

  3. I know you've already been nominated many times, buuut...
    I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award as I love your blog! (:

    See my blog for more information:

  4. Oh, thanks so much Alix :) My oh my, people are too kind! xx

  5. And to Vix, thanks lady, I like that I actually have a nice photo of me and my nan and brother. Our family are for some unknown reason, notoriously lax at actually getting photos together! I'm glad you like to read my ramblings! haha.
    And Penny Dreadful, isn't Mrs Squirrel cute!
    I have the exact same problem stopping me from being able to get a cat! Cute cats rule, small london flats drool! xx

  6. Thanks for the nomination Rosie!!!!


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