Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bits and bobs...

It is currently day three (and a half) of being hauled up in bed ill, and I am in need of things to do. I have sat here in my bed having a Mad Men marathon, thanks to Mr Mike for downloading them for me. And whilst doing that, I have been crafting, almost non-stop! I have sat here and knitted and embroidered, and boy am i proud of the results! I wish I could share them with you but it just so happens that they are christmas pressies for special people, so alas I must wait excitedly before I can reveal the fruits of my labour!
How is everyone's chistmas shopping going? I am pleased to say that mine is finished, apart from a couple of wee pressies, for Mr Mike's family and such like. I started early this year as I tend to buy second hand or make them myself, and so it is much easier to give myself lots of time.
Now I just cannot wait to get my wrapping paper made (I'm stamping my own) and my presents wrapped and under the tree (which I am yet to buy).
One other exciting thing I can put under my tree is this stocking full of presents from my Mumma:

 Yes, this is my stocking <3
Now those of you who know me will be aware that I, as an out-and-out hoarder, have rather a thing for brown boxes, vintage suitcases and the like. This one is simply wonderful....and full of presents for opening at christmas.

Now for any of you looking for christmas shopping inspiration, here are some ideas from Urban Outfitters. I don't often find new things that are to my tastes, but UO is currently filled with all sorts of wonders!
Just look at these fabulous vintage inspired things:

 Bird salt and pepper set, £7

 Horse tapestry bag, £58

 Clock radio £55

 AV room green turntable, £150

Beathoven speaker, £15

Plate clock, £45

Cat bow plate, £6

The thing with UO is the price; they have lovely stuff, but it is rather expensive... or it is to a thrifter like me who frequents charity shops and carboots more than real shops. But they have some fabulous little trinkets for not too many pennies! I have fallen head-over-heels for that cat plate, at only £6. And those salt and pepper shakers could sit happily next to my collection of kitsch animal ornaments without looking out of place. As for Beathoven....well, I want him purely because he looks miles better than my current ugly-beast computer speakers, even if he doesnt exactly fit into my vintage home! 
That record player...expensive, but beautful! But I already have one almost exactly the same but from the 1950's. Mine is tatty and well-loved, just how I like it.

Pip pip! x

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