Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New dress day!

Posted originally on 3rd November 2010.

Hello darling readers!
Today is my last day of what has been a lovely week off work (though I somehow don’t feel well rested and I can’t believe it’s over)!
This week has seen a birthday of a certain boy, a trip to the theatre to see the woman in black, a day of gin drinking with the boy’s family, making pumpkin soup and doing a moustachioed pumpkin carving, scary films, the arrival of a beautiful black velvet vintage hat through the post courtesy of my fabulous nan, a comedy night (Holly Walsh gave me a mars bar), and a day of dressmaking. Phew!
This is Mr Pumpkin and as you can see he is sporting quite a fabulous moustache:

Yesterday I set about on the task of making myself a lovely dress to wear for working for the Vintage Patisserie this weekend, so I headed off to wood green to pick up some nice black stretch fabric at a bargain price of £1.50 a metre. I made my patterns up on brown paper, basing the dress design on a vintage dress I own and have worn to death since purchasing! I altered the design as I made the patterns and then tackled my nightmarish overlocker and sewing machine… now, overlockers are notoriously troubling, and mine being old and second hand is absolutely no exception, and my sewing machine is just too temperamental.
But this aside I managed to run myself up said dress today! It's not 100% perfect, as my machines just aren’t up to scratch (I need a lovely rich person to buy me a fabulous pair of machines), but here is the finished garment:

Please excuse my gormlessly make-up-less face, I just wanted to show off my creation!
It has nice slightly gathered seams across the front of the shoulders, and a tie detail collar, though the detail is slightly lost in the photo.
Anyways, I really must dash….I have to start work at 6.30 am tomorrow morning, yawn!
Pip pip!


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